Amazing Stag Do Destinations Abroad

Not sure where to head off to for your stag do? Check out these awesome destinations!

The Best Stag Do Destinations



stag do destinations



We've sought out some expert help from to bring you some fantastic stag do destinations to get you in the mood for your last party as a bachelor!



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Stag do’s aren't something that (typically) occur many times in a man’s life, which is why more and more hubby's-to-be are ditching their drunken nights at the local in favour of something different. And who can blame them? What’s more exciting than the sound of a Stag Do holiday in a city built for fun!



Which cities are these you ask? What can you do on a Stag Do abroad that you can’t do here? Well, luckily the interactive infographic at the bottom of the page from My Break Trip lists the top ten ranked cities in the world for Stag Dos, with each map marker providing a breakdown of each city’s attractions, activities, average crime rate, average weather temperature and (perhaps most important) the average price of a meal and a drink!




stag do destinations



We believe that the consummation of marriage is definitely a reason to rejoice and celebrate, which is why we endorse pushing the boat out to enjoy yourself with your friends and create some nights to remember (or not)! This of course not only applies to Stag Dos, but of course Hen Nights as well. So bear that in mind when reading the cities statistics and attractions, because there’s just as much fun to be had by women as well as men on partying travels!



Whether your main concern is nice weather, events, tourist attractions or cheap drinks, there’s something for everyone in these cities and if you can afford to make the most of it, why not have a little tour of some of these countries on the same Stag Do! As long as you budget and plan ahead, it can certainly be done! Either way, we hope you agree that a Stag Do holiday just has to be done at least once, whether it’s your own, your friend’s, or your husband-to-be’s.



So, are you keen to know which city has been crowned the champion of international Stag Dos? Or maybe just fancy finding out some interesting facts and great holiday ideas? Then wait no longer and explore the infographic below! Email us if you have any questions or to let us know your thoughts!



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