Alternative Wedding Reception Ideas

Ideas on how to make your wedding reception special.

The last thing you want at your wedding is to bore your guests during your wedding reception. Here’s a few ideas on how to keep your guests entertained on the most important day of your life.


What about a guest box instead of a guest book? It is a fact that technology is everywhere and nobody uses handwriting anymore. Thanks to an innovative guest book, people can go and record their message for the newlyweds and they will be remembered in an unconventional way.


alternative wedding reception ideas


I bet you never thought of a fully decorated reception bathroom? The bathroom is usually the most underrated part of a house. However, if you start decorating it with paintings, curtains, rose petals, your attention to details can never be overlooked.


DIY water-cooler bar, anyone? It can save a lot of money on the lack of bartender and it will spare people a long queue to get their favourite drinks.


alternative wedding reception ideas


Do you know how many kids are gonna attend your wedding reception? In case you haven’t thought about them, now is the right time to give some thought to the options to keep them entertained. How about a special coloring book? Wedding cakes and flowers will be the main theme, of course. And you will keep them entertained while you’re busy with your wedding speech and other things.


Finally, everybody likes taking pictures and you will need a professional photographer on your wedding day. Or maybe not. How about a Polaroid photo booth? Your name and your partner’s name will be on it, of course. Your guests will be amazed by this original idea and you’ll have your personal wedding photo shoot in no time.


alternative wedding reception ideas



Up for some friendly competition on your big day? Why not include some of these wedding games to guarantee the most memorable wedding reception ever!

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