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We started this company for anyone who’s getting ready to get weddy.
If that’s you, sit back and be inspired.

What We Do

We are here to provide you with ideas, trends, inspiration and engaging content which will see you through all the way from when you say “Yes, I’ll marry you” to “I do” and happily ever after!

Your journey is our journey and for absolutely all of your Weddy needs, we are right here!

If you’re a bride or groom:  We exist simply to make your life easier. Inspired by our content, all you have to do is tell us what you exactly want and we’ll do the rest!  Looking for a specific caterer or a lakeside venue in the summer? Your personal Account Manager can get them for you free of charge and at a great discounted rate, helping you make savings across the board so you can invest that into your future family:) Simply CLICK HERE to fill in our form - we do the rest!

If you’re a supplier:  Consider being able to showcase the labor of your love in front of an immensely appreciative audience! We offer a complete suite of digital marketing solutions and dedicated Account Managers to help grow your business. With the ability to tailor every potential solution to precisely what you want to achieve, you will never have to bust your budget!

CLICK HERE  to get listed or one of our team can help with your needs, or call on 01895 876607.



Sales Yoda

Actually the only guy here who is married (sorry ladies), Sid has been here from the very start of something that he knows will become very big. He excels at understanding the pains of the industry and then taking them away. He loves talking to new people - although the team would say that he just loves talking. If you want the best deals just call him directly, don't worry about the rest of these guys on here!

Juan Felipe
Biz Dev Dude

An ex-property mogul, air-freighted first class from the shores of Colombia to grace us with a touch of the sweet latin breeze. A true gentleman, dapper and courteous, who sincerely takes the time to understand your needs. In his hands, there is no equivocation: you will be safe and satisfied! Step forward on your left foot; rock back on your right foot; pivot on your right foot and now you're WEDDY!

Growth Guru

Phil, short for Philanthropist//Philosopher, is the in-house marketing man. While not getting Weddy, he moonlights as a part time musician and as the human embodiment of Sparta, Phil was born with a beard... Before the Weddy abduction, he dabbled in the wacky world of beer before departing on account of liver problems. Currently getting very social, on a network near you.

Growth Seedling

Jess might seem quiet at first approach, but as people get to know her they'll find out that she loves to go out, dance and eat chocolate. She loves to travel, meet people from different cultures and learn different languages.
Professionally addicted to social media Jess is waiting for Mr. Efron to come pick her up on his white horse.


Ankit is both a hard & smart worker always up to speed on the tech and innovations front. Handsomely managing the Weddy's technology backbone, development and training, Ankit's life begins early and goes on till late with small breaks dedicated to Mr.Bean, Sheldon Cooper and Tom & Jerry.

Video Voyeur

Ever passionate about film and performance, Ricky has the edge having studied both film and acting. Ricky is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to capture and deliver the best results. With Ricky's help, Weddy will make sure your product/service can be shown in the best possible way.


Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and currently a student at the University of Michigan. Liz's favorite quote is ``May you laugh until you pee your pants.. and then continue laughing`` - That's our girl! She loves to dance and is a firm believer that breakfast can be eaten for all meals.

Interns Wanted
Sales, Marketing, Content

We're looking to hire SUPER talented interns, you must be passionate about weddings, fashion, marketing and an eagerness to learn and work hard - if that's you, contact us and send us your CV and a small cover letter about why we should consider hiring you as an intern.


Weddy Writer

In love with America and born in Italy, Alessandra describes herself as “The Madame Bovary of the XXI century”- constantly looking for something, but never satisfied. A film graduate and a hopeless romantic: this geordie with an italian accent is an aspiring screenwriter who speaks 5 languages!

Weddy Writer

Clarabel is a student, blogger and old school romantic keenly immersingly herself in all things Weddy. Fitting the student stereotype, she enjoys staying in and sharing a pizza (or two) with her partner, just as much as she likes hitting the town with her pals. Writing, reading, cycling, paint... She loves it all!

Weddy Writer

After studying English and Creative Writing and working in array of interesting jobs, Sylvia's only desire now is to write, write and write. Reading, Instagram and Disney/Action movies are some of the loves of her life. When not liking YouTube videos, she spends time with family and working on finishing that novel.

Weddy Writer

Jess spends her time making pretty things for pretty people; mostly writing creative blog posts, and mostly when she should be doing coursework for her degree. She dabbles in most creative disciplines, writing furiously with notes scribbled on whatever surface she can find- including humans.

Weddy Writer

Now that she has finally finished her début novel, Heather is focusing on developing her online portfolio. When not writing all manner of content, she spends her time playing with her house-
rabbit, watching all manner of Weddy themed TV shows and dropping not-so-subtle hints to her long-suffering partner.

Weddy Writer

Here at LetsGetWeddy, we are always looking for bright and enthusiastic people to join our ever expanding team. If you enjoy writing and want to have a voice - why not join our every growing network of writers, please send us a little about yourself at: hello (at) letsgetweddy (dot) com

Weddy Experts

The Flushing Bride

Jess is a cynic-turned-romantic, wedding obsessed bride-to-be! As the Flushing Bride, she is eager to share all her hints, tips and inspiration as she journeys from engagement to the aisle! A self-confessed planner and wedding lover at heart, Jess has spent years helping friends and family prepare for their big day and now it’s time for her own!

Evie Smith MUA

Evie is an international make-up artist specialising in bridal and editorial make-up. She has 6 years of experience in helping brides with their perfect day. Evie Smith has an unhealthy love for Taylor Swift and has even been booked for a job solely because of this!

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