Wedding Bar Guide: 3 Steps To Banish Booze Blues

This wedding bar guide will have everyone raising a glass in no time!

Numbers, numbers, numbers! Everything in relation to wine, spirits and champagne has suddenly been reduced to a number in your mind; how much booze is needed for a party of 100 plus and should it be an open bar? This wedding guide will crunch those numbers and have you looking forward to raising that glass.


1) An Open Bar?


Who doesn’t love an open bar? Many couples choose this option as its most generous and convenient for both the couple and guests. However it may also end up being the most expensive option, taking a good chunk out of your overall budget.

An alternative to the open bar would be a limited bar option, signature cocktails served at various times throughout the night or waiters serving alcohol during the meal.


wedding bar guide


2) All-Inclusive Package


Depending on where you’re having the wedding i.e. hotel or banquet hall, alcohol will be provided in abundance. If this is the case, you should expect an overall or a per-person quote.


If the venue allows it, you may want to consider supplying the alcohol yourselves; though you may be charged a corkage fee, will have to pay for delivery and will also have to remove empty bottles away afterwards, it can still be cheaper option than having the venue supply your drinks for you whether you are on a budget or not!


wedding bar guide


3) Communicate With Your Caterer 


If you do wish to provide your own alcohol, it would benefit greatly to ask your caterer how much you may need.


A good rule to follow is three drinks per person for the cocktail hour and one drink per person per hour after.


wedding bar guide


In addition, a general figure for what you may need for a wedding party of 100 guests is as follows:


  • 10 bottles of vodka
  • 6 bottles of gin and 6 of rum
  • 4 bottles of scotch
  • 2 bottles each of whiskey, bourbon, tequila & triple sec
  • 2 bottles of vermouth
  • 2 cases of beer, 3-4 cases of white wine and 2-3 cases of red wine
  • 3 cases of champagne


Don’t forget that you’ll need to have an abundance of water (both bottled and tap) and soft drinks to keep all your guests happy.


wedding bar guide


Get Weddy for help organising your wedding bar.

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