A Simple Guide to your Perfect Vegan Wedding

Vegan weddings can be hard to plan but they are totally worth it

Choosing to hold a Vegan wedding doesn’t necessarily have to preclude you from choosing the same places as non-vegan wedding parties.

Here's a simple guide to your perfect vegan wedding!


However, you might wish to reflect your love of nature and the outdoors in your choice. It is also important to take into account the ease with which your guests can get to the wedding location and reception, and any personal preferences. Vegan or semi-Vegan wedding ceremonies have been growing popular since people feel less constrained about making their day “traditional”.



A Vegan wedding could take place anywhere: an organic garden is a nice touch for those who love gardening and local, fresh food; a garden, a park, or botanical gardens can also serve as an expression of your love of nature and being outside.


First of all, you should find your reliable caterer well in advance. You will need to find caterers able to make good quality vegan food, including substitute foods, so planning well ahead of time is important. Make sure you are happy that your caterer and venue are open-minded. Otherwise,  keep looking.



Another important thing is to consider your budget and plan the menu according to it.

Remember that anything specialised will cost more money, especially if your caterer is not familiar with vegan food styles, or if you're asking the caterer to prepare "substitute" style foods that match traditional wedding options.

If you're happy to keep the menu plain on the other hand, it is possible to make big savings on your budget.

Consider your wedding clothing, too. A wedding is not only about food. And a Vegan wedding is no exception. Your wedding dress should be eco-friendly and cause no harm to the environment.


Forget about silk or wool. Say yes to false leather shoes and gloves to accompany the dress. If you like jewellery, look for faux pearls.




Last but not least, don’t forget about the flowers, which should locally grown and organic,  use recycled paper to create wedding menus and opt for tea, organic wines and beers.


A Vegan wedding can be slightly more difficult to plan than a traditional wedding, but it’s definitely worth being coherent and loyal to your ideas, even on the most important day of your life.

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