A Kite Wedding Theme

Let it fly, fly high in the sky…

Personally, I never thought of kites as potential wedding theme ideas. However, I’ve heard that they are becoming more popular. So forget all about pom-poms and pinwheels! Despite they’re still very much in-things for weddings, this year’s new fresh idea entails kites. Kites happen to be the new wedding trend of the season. Cute as they can be, colourful and easy to build, they ask the right amount of random fun to your wedding day.


Wedding Theme Kite


Using kites as a theme for a wedding is perfect for both spring and summer weddings. Start by sending invitations to your guests in the shape of kites, then plan to have cute little kites to go around your wedding cake or fabric kites as a background for pictures to be taken with all the guests. Feeling crafty enough? You can make them yourself from paper and you can be as creative as you like. Can you imagine your flower girl holding little kites while they she walks down the aisle?


Wedding Theme Kite


Keep in mind that a wedding is supposed to symbolize the union of two people in love. Kites are believed to bring good luck or used to give thanks on happy occasions, so they are perfect for weddings. I am sure you want your wedding to be as cheerful and colourful as possible, but you shouldn’t forget to make it original, too. Kites can help you to give your wedding that extra piece of fun that otherwise would be missing.


Wedding Theme Kite


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