A Harry Potter Themed Wedding

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If you’re anything like the crazy Harry Potter lunatic that I am, you’ll have dreamed of stepping into the magical wizarding world countless times.


Scrap that, it’s a never-ending dream, and is there a better time to live out your favourite fantasy than on your wedding day? If your idea of the perfect wedding includes a Sorting Hat, chocolate frogs and an assortment of wands then we have just the thing for you. Put on your specs and apparate yourself into your favourite scene from Harry Potter with these inspirational and fantastical ideas for a Harry Potter themed wedding:


If you're more of a Lord of the Rings fan, take a look at this!

Set the theme early on with these retrograde old-style invitations and your guests will be itching to get into character. Make sure to mention that fancy dress is not optional.


Invitations 2 Invitations 1


Venue is important when planning the perfect Harry Potter themed wedding, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Set the scene with a wonderful woodland themed ceremony, but don’t feel pressured to take your reception to the fanciest castle you can find. Bear in mind that with great attention to detail, you can make any old room look and feel as magical as the Grand Hall.



Venue 1 Venue 2

Customise your wedding cake to sum up exactly what you and your partner adore about the wizarding world. These cakes are a work of art- their only fault is that they’ll be simply too good to eat!


Cake 1 Cake 2

It’s the little details that count, and your wedding favours are just that. From chocolate golden snitches to little bottles of liquid luck, think creatively for charming favours that your guests will love and treasure for a lifetime.


Favours 1 Favours 2


A Harry Potter themed wedding is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your wedding photos. Choose a photographer who has the ability to edit your photographs to perfection and get all your guests involved to create the perfect magical scene.


Photos 1 Photos 2


Planning a Harry Potter wedding doesn’t mean you have to dress in a robe and a witches hat- unless you’re a complete Potterhead like me. Add small but effective touches of magic to your wedding outfit with a deathly hallows necklace or a Gryffindor scarf.


Accessories 1 Accessories 2


When arranging your tables, why not dedicate a Hogwarts house to each table? (Include a muggle table if you’re feeling mean) Decorate your tables with Harry Potter memorabilia and hang bulbs above every table to recreate the magic of the Grand Hall.


Tables 2 Tables 3


For ideas on a Game of Thrones themed wedding, check this out!

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