A Groom’s Guide on How to Rock a Suit

10 things you need to know about looking dapper in a suit on your wedding day.

Unfortunately being able to rock a suit is a tad more complicated than just picking one out and putting it on. Many men will find themselves with sleeves that are too short; trousers that are too long; mismatching their shirt and tie and picking out a jacket that just doesn’t fit.


But don’t panic fellas, we have 10 easy to follow rules that will have even the scruffiest of you looking awesome in a suit on your wedding day.


1. Look at the lapels. 


Wide lapels, like the ones your dad wore, are pretty old school. While they are ideal if you’re aiming for a Mad Men vibe, you might want to consider opting for a thinner lapel. Thin lapels are the go to style for suit-wearing men of the 21st century.


Groom Suit


2. Leave the shoulder-pads in the 80s.


Jacket shoulders should stop where your shoulders stop. So many men make the mistake of wearing a jacket that is too big on the shoulders. This makes the jacket hang unflatteringly down your arms and gives you the appearance of having a coat-hanger stashed in your jacket. Make sure the seams line up with your shoulders.


Groom Suit



3. Grey is the new Black.


You might think that black is the best colour to go for when picking a suit. Wrong. Pick a nice charcoal grey to give a sophisticated, dark look that doesn’t scream “funeral”. You might also be surprised to find that Grey is more versatile than black, goes with more colours and won’t make your skin look as pale as a black suit.


Groom Suit


4. Match your shoes to your suit.


Take a look at the guide below to match your shoes to your suit. If it all looks a little complex, just remember that brown shoes with black/grey suits is okay, but black shoes with a brown suit is a no no. As for Sneakers? Unless you’re David Tennant then forget it. Alonsi!


Groom Suit


5. Single Buttons are Casual.


If your wedding is going to be a paired-down casual kind of affair then you might like to consider a suit jacket with only one button. This style is quite trendy and can be easily worn every day without looking over-the-top.


Groom Suit


6. Ties:Lapels.


You have to get the Tie;Lapel ratio right when picking out your suit. The width of the tie should equal the width of the lapel. If you’re opting for a more traditional wide-lapelled jacket then you can get away with a wide tie. If you Pick a trendy thin lapelled jacket then get a skinny tie to match.


Groom Suit


7. Pocket Squares are not for squares.


Use a pocket square to add a pop of colour to your look. Not only that but it’s the finishing accessories like this that add that extra bit of finesse to your overall look. Avoid matching your pocket square too much with your tie- this can be a bit much.


Groom Suit


8. Mind the gap.


What have I told you about making sure your suit jacket fits? A gap between your shirt collar and your jacket lapel is a sure sign of an ill-fitting suit. If the jacket doesn’t sit right it will ruin your whole look.


Groom Suit


9. Belt it up.


You don’t actually have to have a belt, but you may feel more comfortable walking around with the extra support. Make sure your belt is reasonably thin and that it matches your shoes.



10. Check the fit.


To make sure that your suit jacket fits, button up your jacket and slip your hand underneath by your chest. You should be able to do this fairly easily but it should be a snug fit. If you’ve room to flap your hand around then your jacket is too big.


Groom Suit



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