A Foolproof Guide to Avoid Wedding Crashers

Wedding crashers sound like a good idea, but they are not welcome anymore!

Not all of us can be like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the movie “Wedding Crashers”. However,  wedding crashers are more common than you might think. With the difference that they don’t tend to be good-looking celebrities and it really isn't a good idea to go all Game of Thrones on them!


Here's a foolproof guide to avoid wedding crashers on the most important day of your life:


First of all, a wedding crash is more likely to happen if you get married in a venue with multiple reception spaces. To be precise, in this case, it would be an accidental crasher. But it can still be avoided. The more reception spaces there are at your wedding venue, the more likely other guests will wander into your area. Guests are usually terrible at following directions, so you should pick a venue with a clear designated area or you should get staff to direct guests to the right spaces.


You should be specific in your communications,  establish the rules and be consistent with your invitation rules. Never post where you’re getting married online or anyone who googles you might stumble into your wedding details. Plus-one privileges might be given to members of the wedding entourage, in case they are married, or provided that they are living together. For those who don’t want any uninvited plus-ones on their wedding day, word your RSVP card to specify that only one seat per person has been reserved.


You should also have a doorman, especially if you’re concerned about particular people showing up (your exes, for example). If you happen to see someone you’ve never met before, don’t be afraid to be rude and ask them who they are.


If you need some help looking for that perfect, crash-proof venue: let us know!


Also, since you’re inviting people that you know,  you might anticipate the problem and ask them (especially your single friends who might bring a date) not to bring anyone else along so that you can keep your headcount under control.


One last thing you need to remember is that you must remain polite and composed when dealing with wedding crashers. They might be intruding your wedding, it’s true, but being rude might only make them angry and make the situation even worse.

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