A Chocoholic's Dream Wedding Theme

It’s a wacky, colourful tale stuffed with oodles of fun, mountains of mouthwatering sweeties and could be a perfect wedding theme, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve found some of the sweetest ways in which you can incorporate this classic tale into your big day. Dressing your bridesmaids as Oompa Loompas is optional.


1) The Invites


There’s really only one way to go when it comes to inviting your guests to a Wonka Wedding, and that’s with a golden ticket. Don’t worry, you don’t have to splash out on actual golden tickets but you can have your invitations printed to look like them. If you’re feeling generous, why not send them with a personalised bar of chocolate? Here are a few ideas:


wedding theme


2) The Decorations


You’re certainly not restricted when it comes to choosing a colour scheme! Sweets and chocolates come in a huge array of bright colours so why just stick to one? The more bright and colourful the better. Sweet trees are hugely popular and make great table centrepieces. Searching the internet will also enable you to find a wide choice of sweetie themed props to decorate your venue with.


If you can’t afford to splurge on props then why not decorate balloons with brightly coloured tulle and fasten them at the bottom with a matching ribbon to give you instant floating lollipops! If you don’t fancy going too childish with the decor (spoilsport), then fill up some large glass hurricane vases with a mixture of sweeties to include a pop of colour. Hire some bubble machines to recreate Wonka’s famous lemonade room.


wedding theme


3) Bridal Wear


Willy Wonka may be a bit off the wall, but you can’t argue with the fact that he had style. He wore a top hat and held a cane for goodness sake! Pick brightly coloured suits for the groom and groomsmen, not forgetting the top hats and canes of course! How bright you want to go is up to you, though we think a velvet suit might be a little OTT- but hey! Each to their own! The bride is a little more tricky - we think the best idea is to get creative with colourful ribbons and bows. You can’t go wrong with a deep purple as an accent colour; paying homage to Gene Wilder’s classic portrayal as Willy Wonka. Purple can also be used for the bridesmaid’s dresses and is often a popular choice regardless of theme; that’s if you don’t fancy dressing them as Oompa Loompas.


wedding theme


4) Food


I have a sneaking suspicion that Heston Blumenthal might have been inspired by Willy Wonka. So why not take a leaf out of these two ingenious men’s cookbooks? We’re not suggesting you serve your guests chewing gum in the hopes that it will supplement a three course meal, but you could always make their food look like something that it is not. The kids will definitely be confused when their sprouts turn out to be cake-pops! Alternatively, if you aren’t feeling that creative then serving traditional food on quirky crockery will also have the desired effect. Above all; don’t forget the chocolate fountain.


wedding theme


5) The Cake


When it comes to the cake it’s go hard or go home. This, above anything else, is the one thing you can go absolutely mad with. Pinata cakes are all the rage at the minute so why not stuff the center of your cake with sweets. Rainbow cakes; another popular choice and one that will tie in with the wacky colour scheme. If crazy colours aren’t for you then the choice is obvious: Chocolate cake all the way. I’ll let the photo do the talking before I get drool all over my keyboard…


wedding theme


Get Weddy for help in making the chocoholic dream come true!

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