8 Tips on How to get to Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

Beauty Sleep is important before the big day, read on to find out how to get enough

We all know that getting enough sleep is vital to be able to function properly, but it’s also good for your mood and helps to keep you looking fresh. So what are the secrets to getting that all important sleep before your wedding day? We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help get you relaxed; no counting sheep involved.



sleep before wedding



1. Start Early



Don’t panic, I don’t mean starting early in the day, plan ahead. Create a sleep schedule that you can stick to in the weeks leading up to the big day. Pick a time to go to bed, and pick a time to wake up, like you would for a child. Sticking to this schedule is the foundation for a good night’s sleep. Your body will quickly become used to the routine so come bedtime you will be tired and, as the days go on, you will begin to wake up naturally at your chosen time.



sleep before wedding



2. Slow Down



Ideally you should start to wind down about an hour before your allotted bedtime. Step away from the computer, put down your phone and for the love of all things holy; stay away from Facebook. Dim the lights to give your body the hint, put on some soothing music and disengage. Taking a bath can often help to relax your body, and when your body is relaxed your mind will follow suit. If an evening bath isn’t your thing try some light yoga stretches.



sleep before wedding



3. Cut Down on Caffeine



The last thing you want to hear when you are struggling for energy, is to be told to cut down on caffeine. You don’t have to give up coffee altogether but it might be an idea to switch to decaff, and try to avoid any stimulants after 3pm. That may seem early but caffeine can keep stimulating your brain for over 10 hours!



sleep before wedding



4. Put Down the Alcohol



A wedding is a time for celebration but try to save the plonk for the big day. Although alcohol can make you feel drowsy, it affects your quality of sleep and can cause dehydration. So not only will you be up in the night looking for water but your skin will suffer too. 



sleep before wedding



5. Disconnect



Did you know that the strong light that comes from all of our gadgets can fool your brain into thinking it’s daytime? No wonder you have problems sleeping when you’ve been watching YouTube vids. Ditch the electronics when you begin your wind down period, any emails or texts can wait til morning.


sleep before wedding



6. Start an Exercise Regime



No, not just before bed. Don’t be silly- clearly you haven’t been paying attention. People who exercise regularly get a better night’s sleep than those who don’t, this is because it is a recognised stress reducer. Try not to jump into anything too extreme; you don’t want to be hobbling down the aisle on crutches. A brisk walk once a day will do the trick.



sleep before wedding



7. Get Some Sunshine



Okay, it might not be that easy- you might be getting married in the middle of winter. Even if the sun is hidden by clouds, 15mins of daylight in the morning time is enough to reset your internal clock. This means your body will instinctively know what time to sleep and what time to wake up. Clever stuff!



sleep before wedding



8. Make a To Do List



When it comes to planning a wedding it seems like there is a never ending list of things to do, and in the weeks leading up to the big day it is all you can think about; even when you are trying to sleep. Keep a notepad and pen beside your bed and if thoughts about uncompleted tasks are plaguing you, write them down. When they are written down you won't need to worry about remembering them and you can tackle them after you’ve had a nice long sleep.



sleep before wedding
Whatever you decide to do to get some zzz’s before your wedding, try to avoid sleeping aids the night before. Popping pills doesn’t give you as good a quality sleep as falling asleep naturally, not only that but you could wake up groggy, or worse: you could end up getting too much sleep and being late!



Now that you have sleep before your wedding covered, why not check out our tips on How to Stay Healthy for Your Big Day?

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