8 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Get hitched with a stylishly sustainable eco-friendly wedding theme!

Recently celebrating Earth Day might just have reminded you to switch your lights off, recycle that can or walk a few extra miles every day.


Perhaps you might even be thinking of an eco-friendly wedding affair that not only looks amazing, rustic and enchanted, but also doesn’t cost the earth!

1. The venue

What says eco-friendly wedding more than an outdoor wedding? Whether it’s your garden or a nature park; choose a venue that will really highlight the natural beauty of your environment and make all those natural colours pop!  If you’d much rather prefer to be indoors, art galleries or museums are also a great way to do something different and completely unique.


2. Use green wedding planners and local vendors

We all know that driving around isn’t the best way to stay green, so why not book local florists, caterers and other vendors so they won’t have a long distance to travel. There are also a great deal of eco-friendly wedding vendors that specialise in all things green!


3. Re-use, re-use, re-use

Not only will re-using keep your wedding green, but it will also help you save money. From re-designing your mother’s (or other relative’s) wedding dress to recycled paper for invitations, you’d be surprised the amount of things you could re-use or DIY for your wedding!




4. Use digital photography

Most photographers use digital photography now anyway, so this will probably be easiest way to make your wedding a sustainable affair. As well as ridding yourself of all harmful substances involved in other methods of photography, you can choose exactly which pictures you would like to have for your album.

5. Organic food

Tie-in your eco-friendly wedding theme with some delicious organic/fair trade food. Of course, you’ll need to find out what your venue offers beforehand or consider bringing in external organic caterers.


6. Charity favours

A great way to thank your guests for celebrating with you is to make a donation in place of a wedding favour. Cancer Research UK provide personalised favour cards, and a keepsake pin especially for your guests.




7. Green rings

If you’re worried about where your rings are coming from, it’s worth doing your research. There are many jewellers that sell ethical and environmentally friendly wedding rings; ensure that you ask your jeweller about the origins of your rings.


8. Plan an eco-friendly honeymoon

You’ve successfully completed your eco-friendly wedding and now it may be time for an eco-friendly honeymoon. There are a range of resorts that offer eco-friendly services for honeymoons. The International Ecotourism Society have a website dedicated to providing tourists with beautiful destinations that conserve and use sustainable resources.



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