8 Easy Steps to Smashing Your Wedding Budget

Unfortunately; with the economy still struggling to find it’s feet, none of us have bottomless pockets.

When you are planning a wedding, it’s more important now than ever before to spend your money wisely and we are going to tell you how. Read on for our tips on how to prioritize your wedding budget.


1) Decoration


There’s no need to go over the top with decoration; but you do want your wedding to look the part. Focus on buying pieces to decorate key areas of your venue; where your guests will be spending the majority of their time. Keep it simple but invest in good quality pieces such as extravagant floral decorations. Pay close attention to the top table as this is where all eyes will be, invest the majority of your decoration budget here and you will have such a show stopping table that your guests wont notice that the rest of the room is keyed down.


wedding budget


2) The Cake


Again, choose quality! You could have the largest, blingiest cake ever, but if it tastes like cardboard when you bite into it then you’ve wasted your money. Naked wedding cakes are extremely popular and complement a rustic theme, not only that, but because they have no icing to preserve the sponge they have to be made with the freshest ingredients. The fresher the ingredients the nicer the cake will taste. Trust me, your guests will thank you for it!


wedding budget


3) Drinks


There’s nothing worse than running out of drinks at a party, and this goes double for a wedding. Buy plenty of drinks; and if you are bringing your own then make sure you shop around for the best deals- buying more than you think you’ll need. If your venue is providing the drinks then set an initial budget asking them to notify you if and when it is reached- then you can decide whether or not you will be willing to add to it.


wedding budget


4) Food


Top quality, in-season produce is the way to go when it comes to catering your wedding. Don’t scrimp on the food just so that you can have more of it. Spend where it counts and have a couple of top notch meals on the menu rather than a whole load of mediocre ones. Keeping the food in season will keep the costs down and will give you a more palatable menu.


Remember not to over-cater. How many weddings have you been to where it feels like all you're doing is eating? Canapés, followed by a massive three course meal, and just when you think you’re about to burst they cut the cake, ok and of course come the evening time there’s the buffet… It’s all just too much. Double up some things; you can always serve your canapés as starters and cake as dessert which will give you more money to spend where it matters; that’s right - on the quality!


wedding budget


5) The Wedding Night


Bow chicka wah waaah! You only get one wedding night so make sure it’s special. Treat yourselves to a gorgeous honeymoon suite that you can retreat to together at the end of the night. There’s something so satisfying in waking up in a beautiful bedroom, and don’t forget the breakfast in bed- it’s a must!


wedding budget


And the final things to remember:


6) Compromise


Getting married during peak times is going to cost you; particularly if you had your heart set on Valentine's day. We appreciate the romantic connotations but the extra charges incurred by the date simply aren’t worth it. Be flexible with your wants and you’ll have no trouble keeping you wedding budget in check.


wedding budget


7) Keep Sight Of What Matters


Only spend big on things that are important to you. If having live music isn’t a deal-breaker for you then hire a DJ; if you aren’t a big fan of flowers or suffer with hayfever then opt for different decorations. Don’t spend money to impress your guests, spend money on what is important to you. It is your wedding after all!


wedding budget


8) Avoid Added Extras 


We appreciate that while it is a nice idea to buy special guests gifts, or provide transport, or splash out on quirky favours- it’s not always financially doable. These added extras, while a nice thought, are not needed. Your guests are there to celebrate with you and if that means they have to come home in transport they’ve paid for, without a cookie with your initials on it, then so be it!


wedding budget


Ask Weddy for further help managing your wedding budget.

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