8 Do's and Don'ts for the Morning of your Wedding

A few handy tips for your most memorable morning

Ladies, this one’s for you.


It always seems that we have an everlasting list of things to do in the morning and we’re sorry to say this won’t change on your wedding day.

It's your magical morning; probably the most memorable morning of your life and definitely the most important. Screw up the morning, and screw up the day is what we say. Whilst we understand that it’s important to relax in the hours leading up to your wedding, we have a few crucial rules that any bride must follow on the morning of her wedding to ensure her special day runs smoothly:

Do: wake up early
Not being a ‘morning person’ is not a valid excuse for lying in on your wedding day. Even if your ceremony isn’t until later on in the day, its important to wake up bright and early to allow yourself plenty of prep time and some oh-so-important relaxation time.

Believe me, spending your morning rushing around like a headless chicken is not worth that extra hour of sleep. Get an early night and set plenty of alarms- disabling the ‘snooze’ button as you do.


Wake up early

Do: eat a hearty breakfast
I’m sure we’ve all had that nervous morning stomach when your breakfast won’t go down and your toast tastes like cardboard. It’s not nice, but your wedding morning calls for a hearty and celebratory breakfast! Force it down if you have to- the last thing you want is to pass out at the altar from lack of food.


Eat a hearty breakfast


Do: put on some music
If you’re having trouble relaxing, bang out your favourite CD and have a little dance with your entourage. After all, your wedding morning is supposed to be full of fun and excitement, so allow yourself to fully embrace those exhilarating hours before the wedding.


Put on some music

Do: make a checklist
Are you afraid you’ll spend your wedding morning worrying that you’ve forgotten something vitally important? This is a feeling we’re all familiar with, whether it’s before a wedding or - if you’re like me - practically every morning. What I find helps in these situations is to make a checklist of everything you know you’ll need to remember, from your lipstick to your underwear. Get your trusty maid of honour to make you a list as well, and compare to see if there’s anything you’ve forgotten. Once you’ve made, double and triple checked your list, you can finally let your mind rest and allow the enjoyment to begin!


Make a checklist


Don’t: neglect your parents
Whilst your wedding is essentially about you and your partner, it’s about your family too. No doubt your parents will have been there for you every step of the way, both before and after your engagement, so take out an hour or two of your wedding preparations to spend with them. Make sure you let them know how much they are appreciated on this special day - they sure as hell deserve it.


Don't neglect your parents

Don’t: drink too much
Whilst it’s okay to have a glass of champagne with your bridal party, don’t let your nerves get the better of you. It may seem okay to have ‘one more glass’ but the next thing you’ll know is you’ll have finished the whole bottle and you’ll be stumbling to the altar in a drunken mess. What a disaster! Stick to one glass or a single shot for some dutch courage before you descend down the aisle.


Don't drink too much


Don’t: try any new products
Now is not a good time to try that new, and highly recommended hair removal cream - nor that instant fake tan you’ve always been meaning to try. On your wedding day, stick to the beauty products you know and trust to avoid any beauty disasters. If your skin is especially sensitive to new types of makeup, then this goes for mascaras, eyeliners and foundations too. Having to sort out a streaky tan or an irritated rash will only be a hinderance to your bridal beauty.


Don't try any new products


Don’t: forget to pack your wedding bag

Your wedding bag is your trusty companion at your wedding and it's important that you pack all the essentials. Imagine if you forgot your lipstick and you had to feature smudged faded lips in all your wedding photographs, you’d be gutted right? Pack for every eventuality and you and your wedding are guaranteed a smooth ride.


Don't forget to pack a wedding bag

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