7 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

Whatever you’re planning these wedding hacks will make life so much easier…

Let’s face it, no wedding is completely stress-free no matter who may be helping you or what wedding hacks you may have prepared- but they do make your wedding planning  life that much easier!


These tips and tricks will remind you to pack those tissues for escaping tears, double-sided tape to stick torn dresses back together and how to get rid of inevitable stains.


Wedding Hack #1

Pack an emergency kit and hand it to one of your bridesmaids. Stuff a small bag with the following essentials including scissors for cutting up stray ends, aspirin for getting rid of pesky headaches and plasters and sanitary equipment for use in all kinds of emergencies:


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Wedding Hacks #2

Get organised and keep all the spam off of your personal accounts by creating an email address specifically for wedding correspondence.


Wedding Hacks #3

Figuring out where every guest is going to sit may often seem like a complex algebraic equation; make life a lot easier by using a whiteboard and some stick notes to efficiently plan your guests’ seating positions.


Wedding Ideas,   Wedding Inspiration,   Wedding Hacks,   Wedding Tricks


Wedding Hacks #4

Number the back of your RSVP cards so you don’t have to strain over Aunt Edith’s fancy swirling script. Guarantee your guests a seat no matter what their scribbles say!


Wedding Ideas,   Wedding Inspiration,   Wedding Hacks,   Wedding Tricks


Wedding Hacks #5

Prepare your shoes; break in uncomfortable shoes a month earlier with a hairdryer and some socks, rub sand paper to the bottom of shoes to reduce slipping and if having an outdoor wedding, add heel protectors to stiletto heels to prevent sinking. When planning for an outdoor wedding,  invest in some veil weights to keep the unruly wind at bay as well as some wedding programs that double as fans to keep your guests informed as well as cool.


Wedding Inspiration,   Wedding Ideas,   Wedding Hacks,   Wedding Tricks


Wedding Hack #6

Say goodbye to peek-a-boo straps and the worry of your support system taking centre stage; get your seamstress to sew your bra into your dress and strut down that aisle with no worries!


Wedding Hack #7

If you happen to spill red wine on your dress (Horror of Horrors!), throw some good old table salt on the stain which should remove most of the damage leaving you to remain flawless for a little while longer!


For an even more stress-free wedding planning experience, click here!

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