7 Wedding Gift Ideas for your Groom

Sweep your groom off his feet with these gorgeous gift ideas.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say men are hard to buy for at the best of times. It’s normally between an Xbox game or a pair of socks, and let’s be honest, neither are worth pulling out your purse for. You never feel like your gift is special enough, sentimental enough or quirky enough - and to top off the self-doubt, your man will always buy you the best gifts!


It’s an old-age tradition that the bride and groom exchange gifts on their wedding day, so it may be time to hit the shops ladies. But before you panic, sit back and relax. We’ve come to the rescue with some fun and sentimental wedding gift ideas for your groom that’ll make your decision a hell of a lot easier:


1) Socks


Yes, we know socks are boring (we even said so ourselves) but this quirky pair are throwing that stereotype clean out of the window. They’re cute, sentimental, and they’ll definitely keep him from getting cold feet at the altar - that’s for sure. If you’re feeling strapped for cash you could even steal a pair from his drawer and sew them on.


wedding gift


2) Cufflinks


Cufflinks may be a classic choice for a wedding gift, but they’re classic for a reason. Timeless and sophisticated, you can even personalise them so they’ll be forever remembered as being part of your special day. Customise them with a short and sweet sentimental message, and he really will be wearing his heart on his sleeve.


wedding gift


3) Love Letter


A wedding gift doesn’t have to cost the earth to make an impact. A simple love letter will only swallow your time, not your wallet, and it’s far more meaningful than a watch you picked up at the jewellers. Make sure he writes one for you too, and you can both shed a tear as you read them at the wedding. It’s free and you’ll both love it, come on, it’s a no-brainer! Find the inspiration you'll need to get you started here.


wedding gift


4) Grooms Cake


Ever heard of a grooms cake? Not everyone has. A grooms cake is a traditional gift from the bride to the groom that sums up the grooms individual personality and interests. It’s a great opportunity to get creative with your wedding gift, and to make a strong statement about how well you know your man. The best part is: it’s separate from your wedding cake so - yes - you get to have two cakes. Win-win.


wedding gift


5) Lingerie


Wedding lingerie is the perfect gift to add some spice to your wedding night, and we’re not talking about just for you. Men’s lingerie is coming into fashion (hurrah) so buy him something cheeky to slip on in the bedroom and he’ll have to wear it.


wedding gift


6) Love Coupons


Is there a better way to dish out your affections than with love coupons? We think not. From a free backrub to a 15 minute make-out sesh, these coupons are guaranteed to add some fun and friskiness to your honeymoon. Allow him one coupon a day, and let the pleasure commence! If you’re feeling crafty make your coupon booklet at home with some free printables, a hole punch and a little string.


wedding gift


7) Wallet Card


Who said your wedding gift has to be big - in price or in size? With this sweet and sentimental wallet card, the memories of your wedding day will never be far away. You can even personalise them with a message that is meaningful to you and your groom.


wedding gift




Let Weddy help you find the perfect gift for your man!

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