7 Original Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Bouquet

Flower bouquets are beautiful, there’s no doubt about it.

However, the rise of the non-traditional bride has brought with it a vast array of fun and creative alternatives to the conventional floral bouquet. If you’re a bride looking to make a statement with your bouquet, look no further.  Our list of original alternatives are unique and quirky, and will be a treasure to look back on in many years to come:


1) Fabric


Your wedding bouquet can still be floral, but without the expiry date. These fabric flowers can be preserved for eternity and are a great way of adding a quirky twist to your wedding. From felt to lace, craft your bouquet with a variety of patterns and textures.


wedding bouquet


2) Buttons


They don’t call buttons cute for nothing! We love this beautiful button bouquet. It’s truly unique, and your guests will praise you for your creativity.


wedding bouquet


3) Paper


These paper flower bouquets are perfect for those planning a wedding on a budget. Use sheet music or pages ripped out of your favourite book for a personal touch, or simply craft them from sheets of tissue paper.


wedding bouquet


4) Sweets


Are you looking for a bouquet to fit your sweet tooth? These scrumptious sweetie bouquets are fun, colourful and (almost) too good to eat. Preserve it for a lifetime or tuck into it after dessert - it’s up to you!


wedding bouquet


5) Pearls


A pearl bouquet is sure to add some style and sophistication to your wedding. These beauties are a work of art and will be a fond memory of your special day.


wedding bouquet


6) Jewels


These sparkly bouquets can be made using your favourite brooches and will compliment your wedding jewellery beautifully. For your guests’ safety, perhaps avoid throwing this one into the crowd - something this exquisite should be kept in pristine condition.


wedding bouquet


7) Dried Flowers


Who knew dried flowers could be worthy of a wedding? These bouquets are perfect for a rustic wedding, and will have a longer life than your traditional fresh flower bouquet.


wedding bouquet


Let Weddy know if you'd like help finding a beautiful bouquet.

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