7 Fun Groomsmen Photo Ideas You Have To Try

The groomsmen are the life and soul of the party, and what better way to showcase their boisterous behaviour than through your wedding photographs?

Gentlemen, you’ll be glad to hear that gone are the days where groomsmen are expected to stand sophisticated and straight-faced in front of the camera. We’re in the twenty-first century now, so inject some personality into your wedding photos and let the men run wild with these crazy fun photo ideas for wedding photos that will make you giggle in years to come:


Boy Power


If there hasn't been an opportunity to  get fit before the big day then you could always throw some special effects into the mix! These wedding photos will look like they were taken straight from your favourite sci-fi movie.


photo ideas


The Bride Rules All


Go on ladies, assert your dominance over your groomsmen with these funny fight scene photos. Never undermine girl power.


photo ideas




The only things that comes close to romance is bromance, so show the love with your hands not your heart.


photo ideas


The Jump For Joy


This jump for joy is a simple but sweet photo idea. But it does have me wondering, how on earth do they jump so high?


photo ideas


Look At That Ring


No doubt your groomsmen will take great joy in mimicking the bridesmaids, and these snaps are sure to make everyone laugh.


photo ideas


The Odd Sock Brigade


Socks are a great wedding gift idea for a bride to give her groomsmen, and they make cute and quirky wedding photographs, it’s a win-win.


photo ideas


Secret Superheroes


Step out of your vehicle in style to reveal your true identities. Who knew the groomsmen were secret superheroes under those tuxedos?


photo ideas


Find the perfect photographer to capture your fun photos with the Weddy Checklist.

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