6 ways to wear plaits on your wedding day

6 ways to wear plaits on your wedding day

Wearing plaits on your wedding day

When it comes to your wedding day hair, there are three main decisions to make. Up or down? Straight or curly? To plait or not to plait? Here at Let’s Get Weddy, we are huge fans of the latter, which is why we’ve picked our six favourite ways to wear plaits on your wedding day.

1.  The fishtail plait

This classic plait took the wedding industry by storm a few years ago, and due to its pretty but simplistic nature, it’s here to stay. It’s the perfect choice for ladies who don’t like to make too much fuss.



2. The fishtail braid

A twist to the classic braid, this version sits closer to the head for a more refined finish. We particularly love the use of the gold band, which sits just behind the braid, adding more depth and excitement.



3. The braided pony

What is essentially a simple ponytail has now become an elegant up do thanks to the added texture, voluminous curls and of course, the plait which runs across the crown of the head.



4.  The double braid

Most braided crown hairstyles involve a plait running across the top of the head, while the rest of the hair is tucked in at the back. But, by adding more plaits across the back of the head this style is much prettier, without being overly complicated.




5 . The down braid

Who said plaits meant wearing hair up? We love the way the plait follows the front of the hair, giving it structure and turning an otherwise every day style in to one made for a bride.



6. The back plait

You may not have worn a plait in your hair since those primary school days, but with some added texture and a few sprigs, this plait is suddenly aisle-worthy.



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