6 Surprising Reasons for Delaying Your Honeymoon

The Flushing Bride isn’t going on a honeymoon straight after her wedding. Here are 6 reasons why she thinking you shouldn’t either.

So last week, I gave some fun ways to welcome your evening guests to your ceremony. And now that the ceremony is over, the fun for Mr. & Mrs. Newlyweds begins!


Planning your honeymoon is a really exciting part of your wedding planning. Traditionally, this is the responsibility of the groom but thank goodness these rules are there to be broken! Being the control freak I am, I want nothing more than to be heavily involved in the planning of our honeymoon!


Mr Flushing Bride and I are rather pale creatures and don’t respond particularly well to the sun. So the usual honeymoon locations were straight out the window for us! The likes of Mauritius and the Maldives were a no go. So we’ve opted for Canada and Alaska, and we can’t wait!


planning honeymoon

But deciding when to go hasn’t quite been so easy. In fact, we are still deciding! But what we have decided, is that we are going to wait for a bit after our wedding to go away on our honeymoon.


So why are we delaying our honeymoon?


Well here are my top reasons why you should wait a bit for your honeymoon:

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#1 It gives you something to look forward to


After months (and sometimes years!) of planning, it may feel like everything is over after your big day. For as long as you can remember, you’ve had one thing on your mind; your special day. So afterwards, there’s a risk that this leaves a bit of a hole in your life.


Obviously you’re married and you’ll be enjoying happily married life but with that said, you might feel a bit lost. So what better way to counteract this than to have your honeymoon to look forward to!


planning honeymoon


#2 You can have a mini moon as well!


If you aren’t having your honeymoon straight away you may want to have a mini moon instead. This concept is growing in popularity and I can see why! Call me greedy but why settle for one honeymoon when you can have two! Obviously budget allowing.


honeymoon ideas


#3 You have a little bit longer to save


No doubt a lot of your hard earned cash has gone on your wedding day, so you could well do with the extra time to save for your dream honeymoon.


planning honeymoon


#4 You’ll be more prepared


With all the stress of last minute wedding prep, packing for and organising your honeymoon will inevitably be rushed and panicked. If it gets done at all! Delaying your honeymoon means you’ll have ample time for this so you won’t turn up to your honeymoon resort having packed all the wrong clothes!

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planning honeymoon


#5 You’ll be relaxed and able to enjoy it


Couples are often so tired from wedding prep when they go on their honeymoon that they find it hard to relax and enjoy it. If you leave it a while, all the stress of wedding planning will have disappeared and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your honeymoon to the max.


planning honeymoon


#6 You might want to travel out of peak travel time


If your wedding is during holiday season it may be a very expensive time to travel. If budget is a big issue for you, you may want to wait a few months to save those pennies but still have an equally fabulous honeymoon!


So there you go. What do you think? Would you consider postponing your honeymoon?

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