6 Subtle Ways To Control A Period On Your Wedding Day

We all know how frustrating it is when your time of the month happens to coincide with a holiday, birthday, big night out – but your wedding day?

Surely Mother Nature can’t be that cruel? Well unfortunately ladies, unless you’re one of the lucky few who knows exactly when that unwanted visitor turns up, and have planned around it – it may be left up to chance. However don’t lose hope yet.


In the lead up to the big day it’s always worth working out when your bitter old friend PMS will come knocking so you can prepare and welcome her into your wedding with – well not open arms, but with no hard feelings at the very least. Use these tips to help you feel in control should you have a period on your wedding day :


1) Prevention



Firstly, if you’ve discovered you’re one of the unfortunate few whose period may try and ruin your day, keep calm as there are always ways to prevent it. If you are yet to set the magical date, plan ahead and try to avoid arranging your wedding or honeymoon for that dreaded week. If it’s too late, visit your doctor and enquire about oral pills that can help postpone your period. Whether you’re on contraception or not, there’s a pill that’s perfect for you, but bear in mind that for different women there may be different side-effects. Take a look here for more information.


period on your wedding day


2) Double Up


If it’s inevitable that you’ll be having the painters in on your wedding day then you’re going to need to take extra precautions to make sure it doesn’t become public knowledge. Wear a comfortable tampon and a long-lasting sanitary towel that you know and trust not to let you down. Some brides even recommend sporting a thin pair of cycling shorts underneath their dress for extra protection.


period on your wedding day


3) Seek Assistance


Appoint someone you trust to be your period guard. Her job is to keep an eagle eye on you and your dress throughout the whole day, appearing with emergency supplies should you need them and preventing your stress levels from turning you into a bridezilla on the day! You don’t want everyone to know about your little visitor, so we advise that your appointed period guard should be the only person you tell - apart from your partner of course.


period on your wedding day


4) Emergency Kit


If you weren’t already considering packing a wedding bag, then a period on your wedding day is certainly a good reason to. Pack an assortment of sanitary towels and tampons alongside some wet wipes and an emergency pair of knickers. That way, you’re covered for every period-related eventuality.


period on your wedding day


5) PMS


For those of you who suffer from bad PMS, your wedding period may be slightly more difficult to manage. From bloating to utter exhaustion, the symptoms aren’t pretty, but curbing your eating habits and keeping hydrated can go a long way to making your wedding feel like a walk in the park. Avoid greasy and salty foods in the lead up to the big day, and eat smaller meals more frequently to prevent any bloating. Drinking plenty of water will also ease any tiredness or headaches that may decide to surface.


period on your wedding day


6) Better Safe Than Sorry


If your big day is approaching and your period is late, take extra precautions to prevent any wedding disasters. The last thing you want is for that unwanted visit to be unexpected and unprepared for. Protect that gorgeous white tulle from any crimson stains by wearing a small panty liner, and pack some extra towels so you don’t get caught off guard.


period on your wedding day


Use this tool to stay in control of every detail for your big day!

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