6 Stunning Ideas For Wedding Dress Photos

With all the buzz on the big day, you might want to remember to take some great wedding dress pictures as a touching sentiment just for you.

You’ve spent all those months picking a dress you’ll look and feel great in and all the wedding’s little details have been sorted; but amidst the buzz of the wedding day, you might forget to have some good wedding dress photos taken.


A wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a bride must make for her wedding day and it would be great to have some beautiful artistic shots taken of the gown.


Most photographers will ask you what kind of shots you want taken and when they do, be sure to let them know that you would like some shots of your dress in various angles and stages.


Creating a photo album filled with all your wedding memories as well as your beautiful dress will remind you of all those precious moments.


1) The Details


From beading to ruffles, show off all the details of the gown and accessories. Get planning with creative pictures you can take to further show off your dress.


wedding dress photos


2) On the hanger


Always a bridal favourite, this shot almost speaks to the lens-letting everyone know what’s about to happen in a beautifully graceful way.


wedding dress photos


3) The Bride Getting Ready


Every bride needs this shot among their wedding dress pictures; there’s always something elegant about the moment a bride is getting ready.


wedding dress photos


4) The Wedding Train


If you have a long train or a brilliant veil, take shots from all varying angles including directly behind you.


wedding dress photos


5) Aerial View


See your dress from a different perspective; up above!


wedding dress photos


6) Getting Some Sun


As the sun goes down, let your photographer take some beautiful shots of you in the best location.


wedding dress photos


Use Weddy to find your photographer for the big day.

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