6 Ideas for a Budget Wedding

Worried about how your wedding budget? Here are 6 ideas for a budget wedding that'll prove you can have the perfect day without splashing the cash.

Ideally, every bride should have budget in mind when she begins her planning. Now, be prepared for this figure to rise over the course of the planning- it’s inevitable as you realise just how much stuff is involved in a wedding! However, if you and your fiancé want to keep to a really tight budget, here are 6 ideas for a budget wedding to get you started.


1. Go second-hand with your dress and suits


An obvious one, really! Save on pricey hiring costs, or buying a dress from a wedding store by going second-hand. You can often really good deals, just be prepared to put in a bit of time scouting out eBay and Preloved. is a great place to find deals on dresses, venues and catering. Another great one to check out would be who do wedding dresses, accessories and decor. You can choose your size, and they will tailor it for you- this doesn’t appear to be a chargeable service, though it does affect the delivery waiting time.


budget wedding ideas


2. Hire your glassware from Waitrose


They do champagne, wine, sherry and pint glasses, so you’re covered in all areas, unless you want cocktails of course! The hire is free (there’s a deposit and breakage charge though) and the website also has some handy tips on hosting a wine tasting, if that was your thing. Find out more on their website.


budget wedding ideas


3. Get married later in the day


This means you only have to feed the guest once, so saves on the cost of the food. Buffets are generally move expensive than a sit-down meal, and a late dinner will necessitate appetisers, as well as snacks being needed at cocktail hour- bear all these in mind.


4. Make the food yourself


Have a family member who’s really into baking? See if they’ll do your cake for you (wedding toppers are readily available on places like eBay) and keep the design simple. Places like Iceland do great party food platters, so if you have the space and the time to do it, cook it yourself and host a buffet. Alternatively, get your guests to bring a picnic with them, and then you only have to provide drinks. Supermarkets frequently do drinks offers, so watch out for the deals on things like wine, champagne and Pimm’s.


budget wedding ideas


5. Artificial flowers are cheaper than real flowers


Just make sure you try out a few different options and places, as sometimes they can look tacky. Or, if you really want genuine flowers, cut costs by making the arrangements yourself. get creative, or invest in a flower arranging guide for a few pounds.


budget wedding ideas


6. Make your own invitations


If you are creative- if not, Vistaprint are really cheap, and you can choose your own designs.


budget wedding ideas


For more inspiration on how get the perfect day from doing it yourself, check out  DIY Wedding Ideas for some more inspiration.

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