50 Perfect Proposal Ideas

50 Perfect Proposal Ideas

It's time to pop the question! How will you do it?

Proposing to your partner can be a daunting prospect. You will hopefully only pop the question once in your lifetime, so you want to make sure that it is perfect. Asking your better half to marry you is the beginning of your journey together, and you'll want to it to be memorable. We have come up with 50 perfect proposal ideas that cover all areas, so whether you want a romantic experience, a funny experience or a unique experience, we've got the inspiration you need.


proposal ideas


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proposal ideas


1.  Christmas family photo proposal - For this proposal idea you will need jumpers and detachable letters. At the start have them all say 'MERRY XMAS'. Take a few pictures as a family and then distract your wife-to-be and get everyone to switch the 'E' with the 'A' and remove the letters 'X', 'M' and 'S'. You will all be left with 'MARRY ME'. When she looks at the pictures she will be shocked!


2. Do it with Décor - Place the ring inside of a Christmas ornament (ideally a glass ball). Mention that you can see something inside of it and act confused. Make her believe you have no idea what it is and pass her it to inspect. When she opens the ornament she will find the best present Christmas can bring.


3. Light up - This is a fun way to get creative at Christmas and show her how much she means to you. You can either buy light up letters or a sign, or if you're really handy you could use your own lights to spell out the words. Place them on the roof of your house and stand waiting with the ring in your hand.


4. Say it as Santa - Go downstairs Christmas morning dressed in a Santa costume. Play the part and make her laugh, then when she leasts expects it, ask her what she really wants for Christmas. When she says what she wants tell her you have something even better. Get down on one knee and pull out the ring.


5. Advent Calender - You will need to be stealthy to pull this off. You will have to gently undo the back of the calender so that you can see the chocolates inside. Remove the chocolate from number 25 and replace it with your ring. When she goes to open the little door on Christmas day she will be shocked to see the sparkle inside.


6. The Fail Safe - Place the ring in a small box that goes inside several larger boxes. As your bride-to-be unwraps each box, give her subtle clues as to what the last one will reveal.


7. Christmas Cracker - A simple idea for when you are all sitting around the table eating your festive meal. Gently try to push the ring inside the cracker without making any obvious tampering signs. Make sure you are the last to pull your cracker to make sure all eyes are on you.




proposal ideas


8. Custom website - There are so many websites that let you create your own for free. You can design your webpage with pictures and links that will absolutely wow them. You could have everything on the homepage, or even link to other pages where you have memories, pictures and videos. A great idea would be to link to another page where you have a video of you asking them to marry you. You could post it to Facebook for all your friends and family to see after they have said yes. The best part is that it will be on the world wide web forever!


9. Film star - Most people hate sitting through the adverts before the film starts, so why not give them something exciting to look at? Ring the cinema and enquire about having a slide where you ask your partner to marry you. They will put it at the beginning, right before the film starts. Their name will be in lights and they will know just how much they mean to you. Here is an amazing example!


10. Proposal Podcast - Record a podcast for your fiancé-to-be. Share funny stories, things you love about them, play their favourite songs, and at the end ask them if they will marry you. You can share it with others or just keep it between the two of you.


11. Movie montage - This proposal idea will see you creating your very own movie. Film snippets when you're together and keep pictures from your relationship. Piece them all together and make a movie masterpiece. The last scene can be you asking them to marry you.


12. UStream It - This is great if you would love to have your family and friends involved but they all live too far away. Create a live stream and invite all of your loved ones to watch. Once you've popped the question you can show your partner the screen, they'll be thrilled they can share their special moment. Or if you're into apps, check out Meerkat or Periscope.




proposal ideas


13. Bookworm - Do they love books? If the answer is yes, this may be the perfect proposal idea for you. Buy a copy of their favourite book (preferably a hard back) and find a page with either their favourite quote on it, or something romantic.


Highlight the quote with either a highlighter pen or underline it. Cut out a small box shape all the way down on the right hand side, if you have a box make sure the hole is fit to size. Wrap up the book and give to her as a gift, watch her confusion when she tells you she already has it and then tell her to open it. Make sure to capture the moment!


14. Scrapbook - This is perfect if you find it hard to put things into words. If she tells you that you don't tell her romantic things enough, this will be a great surprise! Create a scrap book with all things her/him. Where you first met and first kissed, their favourite films, some of your best memories together... the list is endless. On the very last page is where you will pop the question. No doubt they will be tearing up by that point so it will be an amazing surprise!


15. Treasure hunt - This one will take some planning. you will need to spend a day walking around all of your favourite spots as a couple and leaving little clues and trails. You may have to get certain places involved, for example if you stop at a restaurant you could ask them to hold one of the clues and add to the excitement. Start the trail at their home and have it end in a romantic place with you waiting there with the treasure.


16. T-Shirt time - You will need to get your friends and family involved for this one. Get everyone over for a surprise party and then let them know what the surprise is. Give them the plain white t-shirts with the letters written on them and make them stand in order so it spells the magic words. Have everyone be really quite when they walk through the door and then watch the shock on their face when they see the surprise. Your friends and family will love being a part of the moment!


17. Custom jig-saw puzzle - Get yourself a custom jig-saw puzzle with a message of your choice written on it. When they unwrap it they may be slightly confused when you tell them to put the pieces together, but they'll be over the moon when they see the finished picture.




proposal ideas


18. First meeting - Take your partner to the place where you first met. Have a look around and then sit down and talk about that first moment. Tell them how you felt and reminisce about certain things that happened that day/night. Then, when the time is right...


19. At the beach - If you know they love the beach this is the perfect proposal for you. Take a stroll along the sand (at sunset would be ideal), lay a blanket down and maybe get out a bottle of wine and some plastic glasses. Whilst she is having a drink and enjoying the view, write 'Will You Marry Me' in the sand. When she looks at the message, get down on one knee and give her the ring.


20. Your favourite restaurant - This a popular choice for people wanting to pop the question, as they know the food is good and you're guaranteed an applause at the end.  Try to make sure they are comfortable, as for some people being the centre of attention is quite frightening and it might ruin the moment for them. Most restaurants will accommodate your needs, so make sure you call before hand and let them know your plans. Maybe you could have the ring sitting at the bottom of a glass of champagne, or order a special dessert and have it placed on top... the choice is yours!


21. Newspaper ad - Do they read the morning paper? Perfect! Have an ad printed in their newspaper of choice and take it to them in the morning. Make them breakfast in bed if you want to make it even more special. Watch as they flick through the daily news and see their face sitting on one of the pages.


22. Photo timeline - Gather all of your favourite pictures and create a timeline of your relationship. Write little anecdotes that will make them laugh and smile on small pieces of paper or post-it notes. Hang it all on a long piece of string in consecutive order and create a space at the end for a proposal. This can either be a picture, a letter, or you waiting at the end with a ring.


23. Custom cake - What is their favourite type of cake? If they love cake they will love this. Ask your local bakery to bake their favourite cake and decorate the top with your 'marry me' message. They can put a picture on or you can just opt for writing. Either way, it will be special!


24. Hire a photographer - Tell them you've booked a photographer for a romantic couples photo shoot. Take them to a location you know they'll love and have fun taking some snaps together. When you're ready, find the perfect place and pop the question. The photographer will have captured the whole thing and you'll have some amazing pictures to show friends and family.


At Home


proposal ideas


25. Proposing pets - If you have a pet there will be no doubt that you both adore it, so why not let them do the proposing? After all, who could say no to a furry face? Simply slip the ring onto your pets collar and attach a little sticky note. Put them in a place you know your partner will see and watch the scene unfold.


26. Tea leaves - This involves a sharpie and their favourite mug. Write 'Marry Me?' at the bottom and let it dry. Later on, ask them if they want a drink and make it in that mug. Pop the ring in your pocket and sit next to them whilst they drink, when they get to the bottom they will see the message and you will be sat next to them holding the ring. Alternatively you can buy a pre-made mug from Etsy.


27. Fridge magnets - What better way for them to see those words than when they reaching in fridge to get some food? Arrange the letters on the fridge, wait for her to come in and be waiting in the wings to get down on one knee.


28. Rose petal trail - Extremely romantic and perfect for at home proposals. Either when she wakes up, or is just coming home on an evening, create a trail around your home leading to the room where you or the ring will be. To add extra atmosphere, use small candles to light the way.


29. New Years Eve - Whether you opt for a party on NYE or a cosy night in. Wait right up until midnight, stand near a window or outside and pop the question. When they say "yes" there will be fireworks going off all around you.


30. Use the kids - If you have children together, it can be a lovely idea to get them to help you. Your better half will love the fact you've chosen to do it as a family. Maybe get them to carry a little tray of food with the box sitting next to it.


31. Bubble bath - Nothing says romance like a bubble bath. Go all out with candles, rose petals, dim lighting and her favourite music. Buy a rubber duck and write 'Will You Marry Me?' underneath it with a sharpie. When she is relaxing in her bath she will look at the duck and see the message, and you will be on one knee.




proposal ideas


32. Roller coaster ride - This involves getting your friends involved or anyone else on the ride with you. The best option is a water flume as the camera is placed in the centre of the drop. Have them sit at the front of the ride and as you start the decline hold up the signs that says 'Will You Marry Me?' Quickly hide the signs and walk around to the photo shop. She will expect to see a funny picture and see your proposal instead! The best thing is you can buy the picture and remember the moment forever.


33. Say it with a love song - Hire a choir or band and take your partner to a romantic place of your choice. Whilst your strolling hand in hand, stop in front of the group and watch them play/sing that special song. At the end of the number pop the question and await the applause.


34. Curtain call - Call up the theatre company that you wish to propose at and ask them if you can ask your partner to marry you after curtain call. When the play ends, you will be standing there waiting for him/her to join you. They will never see it coming! Also ask them if you can have a small mention in the play bill as a keepsake.


35. High flyers - Whisk them away to a romantic destination. On the plane ride, ask the flight attendant if you can propose over the speaker system. Pop the question at 35, 000 feet and then enjoy the engagement excitement on a lovely romantic holiday.


36. Work meeting - Ask their co-workers to schedule a last minute meeting at the end of the day. They will most likely be fed up with this news and won't be looking forward to it at all. When they walk in ready for their meeting, you will be waiting there with your message written on the board.


37. Sky diving - This proposal idea is not for the faint hearted. Any thrill seekers out there, this one is for you. Call ahead and ask them to lay out a sign on the floor where you will land. Tell your partner you are doing a sky dive as a surprise treat. When you both jump out the plane and free fall to the floor, they will see the sign getting closer. When you both land you can pop the question straight away. You'll be filled with adrenaline and excitement!


38. Twitter fanatic - If you're good with twitter it is worth putting in the time to try and get their favourite celebrities attention. With enough exposure to your tweet they may just see it and be happy to get involved. You could ask them to hold up a sign that says "[blank] will you marry [blank]?" Your partner won't believe it and neither will your friends!




proposal ideas


39. Kinder surprise - Take off the wrapper really carefully and iron it out so it stays smooth. Then, you need to eat the chocolate... difficult I know. The next bit is removing the toy but keeping the little piece of paper. put the ring at the bottom and lay the paper on top so it looks like there is nothing but the instructions inside. Put the lid on and smooth the wrapper back on. When she opens it she'll be annoyed that the chocolate and the toy are gone. Watch as she realises what's underneath the paper.


40. Jack-in-the-box - Get yourself a huge box (fridge box is ideal) and decorate it with wrapping paper and ribbons. Tell her you're heading out for a little while and won't be back until later. Stand on your front step, quickly ring the doorbell and slip the box over your head. When she answers the door, let her inspect it for a second before you burst out. There'll be no doubt it will surprise her.


41. Valentines let down - Valentines day is an absolutely perfect day for proposals - it's all about love after all! Have a bit of fun with it and get her a gift you know she'll hate. For example if she can't stand Turkish delights, get her a big box of them. When she looks really sad, tell her to open them and try one. When she lifts the lid sitting in the middle will be her beautiful ring. She won't suspect a thing.


42. Photo booth - Take your unsuspecting partner to an old-school photo booth. Generally you will get four pictures so the first one will be posing, the second you will have the ring in your hand, the third she will be shocked and fingers crossed, the fourth she'll be saying yes.


43. Say it with a text - When you're sitting there on date night with your phone out constantly, no doubt they will be getting increasingly irritated with you. Wait until the very last moment you know you can push it to and then click send. Watch as they look at their phone with a frown and it is suddenly turned upside down.


44. Hangman - Offer to play a game of hang man. They may tell you that they're not 12 and they'd rather not, but hang in there and be persistent. As the game goes on the letters will begin to fill up until they can guess what the words spell out. They'll be glad they played the game in the end.




proposal ideas


45. Castle - If she ever imagined herself as a princess, or he wanted to be a king, then a castle is the perfect place to propose. This proposal idea can be as lavish or as simple as you like. Places like Hampton Court and Warwick Castle have beautiful gardens that you can set the perfect scene. If they have re-enactments, it is worth asking if they could incorporate your proposal into one of their shows.


46. Strawberry picking - Purchase your baskets on a lovely summer day, stroll hand-in-hand down the fields and fill up with strawberries. Tell your partner you are going to hide and they need to find you. Crouch down and wait for them to run around the corner. They will see you down on one knee holding a beautiful ring.


47. Hiking - Take them to the heights with this proposal idea. Pick a stunning location where you know the views will be amazing. Take a picnic and really make a day of it. Make sure your proposal point is going to be a good one with great views. Climb up to the peak and get down on one knee.


48. Ask with snow - This one is for winter, or if you're going to a location that is covered in snow (e.g. Lapland). Find the perfect spot and maybe take a bottle of wine or a hot drink. Distract your partner whilst you write your message in the snow. It will look beautiful and they will love it.


49. Sporting ground - It's half time, there are thousands of people sitting in the stands. The announcer comes on and says "we have a special message for [blank]". They see their name on the screen and the words 'Will You Marry Me' and you get down on one knee and ask the question. They say "yes", and the crowd goes wild.


50. Scuba diving - When you're scuba diving in the Mediterranean with an array of exotic fish, the vibe will be pretty romantic already. You will having an amazing experience so why not top it off by asking that important question under water. Get a laminated sign made and have it tucked into somewhere they won't see it. When you're in the perfect spot, swim in front, turn around and hold out the sign.


proposal ideas


For more proposal ideas, be sure to contact our recommended supplier  The Proposers. Reference Weddy.


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