5 Wedding Themes for Wacky Couples

Because Vintage is so last year!

If you want a wedding that your guests will be talking about for years to come; then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration! Who wants a traditional wedding when you can have something quirky and unique, that will showcase your personalities? If you’re fed up of rustic, and think that it’s time vintage took a hike; take a look at our top 5 wedding themes for wacky couples.


1. Scandinavian


I know we just said that rustic is sometimes overdone, but if you just want something a little different then this might be the style for you. Scandinavian is a twist on the rustic theme, but rather than going mad with flowers and bunting everywhere you have to keep it simple to pull of this look. This idea of keeping it “simple” also goes for your dress and hair as well- so it’s not ideal if you had your heart set on something extravagant. Ideally you will have a venue where there is plenty of natural wood; wooden tables, chairs, cladding… think lodge and you’ll be halfway there.


wacky wedding theme


2. Flower Power


Keep it groovy man with a 60s inspired wedding. If you’re all about the bright colours then this is a perfect wedding theme for you. encourage your guests to wear flowers in their hair; but that’s as far as the dress code should go! This is the ultimate in laid-back wedding style- you can even go without shoes. Think of the money you’ll save!


wacky wedding theme


3. Big Top


They say life is a circus, well your wedding certainly can be with this fun theme! Go for a colour scheme that is predominantly based around reds and yellows and be sure to hire some circus themed entertainment. Alternatively; if you’ve got a large budget why not hire some circus rides? And a candyfloss machine… you can’t forget the candyfloss.


wacky wedding theme


4. Rockabilly


Rockabilly gives you an indie retro vibe; ideal if you like a vintage look that isn’t strictly… vintage. Think rock and roll american diner for the look of your wedding: red and white check and tight clothes in denim and leather. Music plays a big part in this wedding theme so be sure to include all of the big names: Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course: The King.


wacky wedding theme


5. Steampunk


How can you not love Steam-punk? Think Victorian era meets Sci-Fi. Women can keep it feminine and opt for Victorian corsetry if they wish but make sure to spice it up with some metallic elements. Steam-punk will give you a very “British” feeling wedding but with a mechanical twist; Pride and Prejudice and robots if you will.


wacky wedding theme

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