5 Ways To Avoid Being A Bride With Hay Fever

Springtime and early summer is officially the beginning of wedding season.

Unfortunately this happy, loved-up time also coincides with the peak pollen period. Outdoor weddings can be a nightmare for hayfever sufferers as the trees begin to bloom in early spring, followed by pollinating grasses in mid spring and finally the appearance of pollen rich weeds and other plants in early summer.


But it’s not only pollen that poses a problem, harmless mould spores are also floating around this time of year and people can often be allergic to them as well. If you’re unlucky enough to be a hayfever sufferer, don’t worry; there are ways that you can still enjoy an outdoor wedding in the sunshine - and you wont have to wear a facemask.


1) A Wedding By The Sea 


Beach weddings could be the way forward if you are an allergy sufferer. Due to the coastal breezes there tends to be less pollen in the air which should give you some respite from the sniffles.


bride with hay fever


2) Plan Ahead 


If you intend on having your wedding in a lawned area then ask for the grass to be cut the day before your wedding. Cutting the grass will release allergens into the air and the majority should clear by the time your wedding gets underway.


bride with hay fever


3) Timing Is Everything 


Pollen is usually at its most abundant during the morning so try to avoid an early outdoor ceremony. With daylight hours lasting longer into the evening it might be worth considering putting off your wedding until later on in the day. Booking popular venues are typically a challenge if you're looking for an evening ceremony,  so ask Weddy to help narrow down the options of you find yourself struggling.


bride with hay fever


4) Flower Power


Even if you suffer badly with allergies, few brides would consider forgoing their flower arrangements. If you're to be a bride with hay fever you can lessen the problem of holding a bouquet of flowers right under your nose by opting for blooms which only have a light fragrance.


bride with hay fever


5) Find A Medicine That Works For You 


For most allergy sufferers over the counter antihistamines will usually do the trick. There are now even tablets available that will last the whole day; which is ideal if you are the forgetful sort. Unfortunately these wonder-tablets will not be suitable for everyone; some people are unfortunate enough to develop seasonal asthma and should consult their doctor regarding the appropriate medicines.


As with any allergy it is worth paying a visit to your local GP especially if you find that over the counter medicines have little effect. It could be that your body requires an extra hit and will respond better to a combination of oral medicines, nasal sprays and eye drops.


bride with hay fever

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