5 Vintage Finishing Touches for your Wedding

5 Vintage Finishing Touches for your Wedding

5 simple vintage inspired touches for your wedding décor

Vintage is cool, classic, and lets you be creative, which is why it makes one of the most stunningly unique wedding themes. If you’re planning a 1920’s inspired romp or a fling with 50’s flair then take a look at some of these simple finishing touches that add an extra layer of detail to your décor for that extra special, personal touch.


1. Shabby Chic Trunks


Vintage Wedding


In need of storage options for your reception but don’t want to break the ambiance? Than pick up some used leather suitcases or trunks from a charity shop, clean them up, and use them to display things like pictures of the bride and groom, bottles of champagne, wedding schedules, or simply stack them and use them as makeshift tables for storing drinks on.

2. Birdcages


Vintage Wedding


One of our favourite vintage trends for weddings – distressed birdcages adorned with flowers or holding candles are a delicate and beautiful finishing touch to a table. Drape them with strings of fake pearls to up the vintage beauty factor.

3. Keys


Vintage Wedding


Keys are a perfect adornment to wedding décor, just think about what they represent - the key to your heart, unlocking each other’s love, the perfect fit. Use keys in your motif through stamps, attaching them to wedding centrepieces, and even adding them to invitations for a cool and poetic piece of wedding style.

4. Mismatching


Vintage Wedding


Normally brides and grooms go to extremes and expense to make sure everything is matching, and everything looks as though it was designed specifically for this particular occasion. With a vintage theme you don’t have to worry about this – mismatched cups, saucers, plates, and glasses are stylish, fun, and playful. Choose as many pretty vintage designs as you want, the beauty of mismatching is you never have to pick a winner.

5. Decorative Bottles


Vintage Weddings


Trés chic, vintage bottles are great, affordable touch that will leave your guests feeling like they’re amongst the flappers and artists of 1920’s Paris. Fill them with wine, flowers, candles, beads or anything else and sit them on top of tables for a beautiful effect.

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