5 Simple DIY Bridal Hairstyles

The prospect of DIY bridal hair not only sounds terrifying, but is also laughably unrealistic, right? Wrong.

Now, I understand that many of you will insist on booking your trusty hairdresser for the morning of your wedding. However, for brides on a budget these simple and completely free bridal hairstyles are unbelievably easy and speedy enough to complete in the time it takes the kettle to boil. So go on, give them a go before the big day and you’ll be surprised at how quick they are to master.


1) Chignon


If all you’re looking to sport on your wedding day is a simple chignon, I advise you cancel your hairdresser right this second. This bohemian chignon is super simple, and anyway, they do say the only person you can trust is yourself. To start off, firstly style your hair into a simple ponytail. Create a hole in the hair above the hairband and neatly slip your pony through the gap you made. Next, tease your pony with a hairbrush to give it a little va-va-voom, and simply twist and tuck the hair into your hairband, pinning it securely into place.


bridal hairstyles


2) Messy Bun


Are you struggling to find a hairstyle that will compliment your curly and unruly hair? Look no further. This messy bun is perfect for hair like yours - and actually wouldn’t work as well without it. Simply tease your hair into a messy pony and twist it into a bun, pulling out small wispy sections as you go to soften up the look.


bridal hairstyles


3) Fishtail Plait


If you’re one of the late ones to jump on the fishtail plait bandwagon, I strongly recommend you learn how to perfect this sweet and simple hairstyle here.


It’s perfect for a wedding, and can be made to look as messy or as pristine as you and your wedding see fit.


bridal hairstyles


4) French plait


I’m pretty certain that nearly every little girl who learned ballet was taught how to french plait. This hairstyle was the source of my (dreadfully) crimped hair that I couldn’t get enough of in the noughties, and for that reason definitely deserves a place in adulthood. This sweet and simple side plait will take approximately 30 seconds to do if you (like me) are well practiced, and 5 minutes if you’re a virgin to the charm and charisma of the french plait.


bridal hairstyles


5) Half-up Bun


Perfect for long and luscious locks, this elegant hairstyle can be jazzed up with a pretty flower head garland or a sparkly tiara. Simply tease half of a head of hair into a bouffant, twisting it into a messy bun as you do. Use tongs to add a flick and a curl to the ends of your hair for a graceful and truly beautiful bridal look.


bridal hairstyles


If you would like a hairdresser to help perfect your style (just in-case!) let Weddy know .

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