5 Questions to Help You Figure Out Whether They’re ‘The One’

5 Questions to Help You Figure Out Whether They’re ‘The One’

5 questions to ask before you get married

Making the jump from relationship to marriage is as exciting as it is terrifying, after all, what if they’re not the one? It’s a question we all ask ourselves when we’re thinking about popping the question and for good reason - marriage is a huge, lifelong commitment and we want to make sure we won’t be breaking Britney Spears’ or Kim K’s records when it comes to the length of ours. If you’re stuck in are-they-aren’t-they limbo then try asking yourself these 5 questions to determine if you and your partner should really take that long walk down the aisle.


1. Can You Picture Your Future?


And are they in it? Where do you see yourself living? What are your career goals? Do you want to start a family? If your partner is the one then you should be able to see how they will fit into this life and make it better. If you can’t see them supporting you through your goals it might be time to take a step back.


2. Do You Both Compromise?


Compromise is a necessity in any lasting relationship, if one of you is all give and the other all take it’s never going to work. There comes a point in every relationship where partners have to choose compromise or separation, how do you think you and yours will handle things when it happens to you?


3. Do You Share The Same Views?


Religion, politics, morals, values, hopes, dreams, goals. Your ideal partner doesn’t have to match you completely, that would be boring, but when it comes to sharing your lives and raising children you’re going to need someone who won’t be fighting you every step of the way.


4. Can You Handle Their Weaknesses?


Nobody’s perfect, there’s bound to be something about your partner that brushes you the wrong way, but can you stand them? If the idea of going to a party with your partner makes you cringe because their manners embarrass you then making it through a wedding will be a nightmare.


5. Are You Waiting For Them To Change?


Are you waiting for that magical day when your partner suddenly becomes the man or woman of your dreams? It won’t happen. If you’re waiting for someone to change their ambitions, hopes, and goals then now is not the time to marry. Wait until you’re both on the same page and if it doesn’t look likely to happen it’s time to move on.

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