5 Orgasmic Wedding Night Tips

You’ve spent months planning the perfect wedding day, but when it comes to the wedding night, you may not be feeling quite so prepared.

It's inevitable that you'll have sex on your wedding night, that’s what happens, right? Well actually, almost 25% of couples don’t quite make it that far, either because one or the other is too tired, too drunk or simply just not in the mood after a long day of weddying it up.


And that’s ok, you’ve got the rest of your lives together to make up for it after all. But with some careful planning and a few little sexy accessories to help you on your way, wouldn’t it be so much more fun to make it a night to remember? But if you do get to your marital bed at the end of a long day and feel like all you really want to do is sleep then that’s fine – just save it all for the honeymoon!


1) Sexy Lingerie


This seems like an obvious one, but many brides have been known to not think ahead about what will be going under their wedding dress, especially if it has a built-in corset. Not needing a bra doesn’t mean you should forego the bridal lingerie altogether. It’s all about the bottom half, and there’s plenty you can do with it. Suspenders, stockings and garters, our advice? Do it all! And if you don’t need to wear the bra during the day, get it just in case. Or, find out if there’s a babydoll option that matches your set for when it’s time to take the dress off.


wedding night


Check out this new bridal collection, Nouvel Emoi from Huit, that has a different selection of shapes for different styles of wedding dress.


wedding night wedding night

wedding night


2) Flirt and Have Fun 


Just because you’re married now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still flirt with each other, after all, it’s all about having fun. Keep the mood going throughout the day with stolen kisses and by meeting each other’s gaze across the room. Then once it’s time to head off together, have him carry you across the threshold, which unless you’re in one of those perfectly romantic movies, is bound to have you both giggling away.


wedding night


3) Sexy Music 


Set the mood by pre-preparing your wedding night playlist. Include yours and your hubbys favourite songs, as well as your first dance and ceremony songs. Reliving that moment when you became Mr and Mrs just a few hours earlier is sure to ignite the romance. We suggest asking one of your bridesmaids to have it all set up for you in advance, to avoid any tech hitches.


wedding night


4) Sex Games 


If you still need a little help to get you both in the mood, then this taste testing game is perfect. Just have some delicious treats pre-prepared and a blindfold, it’s as simple as that. But if you want to amp up the fun even more then include rewards and punishments for right and wrong answers. We’ll leave those up to you to decide.


wedding night


5) Sex Accessories 


If you and your partner have never used toys before, we suggest you don’t go in full speed ahead with big, vibrating toys that may emasculate him. We do, however suggest playing around with a few accessories, such as a massage candle or wrist ties. Or, for something a little kinkier you could try a riding crop or flogger. Check out the new 50 Shades collection available at Superdrug, which has something for everything.


wedding night wedding night wedding night


Ask Weddy to help you plan an unforgettable night.

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