5 essential wedding budget tips

Money can put stress on any relationship. Here are 5 essential wedding budget tips to make sure that it doesn’t end in tears.

Unless you are fortunate to have been born into money, then the chances are that you have been stressed about money at some point in your life. Stress can be far-reaching, affecting your overall happiness and can very often seep into your relationships. When money is an issue it can often become the elephant in the room, you both know it’s there but for some reason feel like acknowledging it will only make it bigger and liable to crush you.


As sad as it is, money is a large and important part of all of our lives- not talking about an issue is not going to help fix it. In fact, it may only make things worse. Try bearing these 5 essential wedding budget tips in mind when discussing money worries with your partner; they’ll make it that much easier.


5 essential wedding budget tips


1. Be prepared

Don’t launch into a heavy conversation without thinking it through. Pick a good time to have this conversation with your partner so that neither of you will feel rushed. Reviewing your budget before hand is often a good idea as then you’ll know exactly where you stand.


2. H.A.L.T.

Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? If you’re experiencing any of these feeling then now is probably not the best time to be having a serious conversation about money worries. From personal experience I know that I am particularly useless on an empty stomach and often find that the rest of the bad emotions are not so far behind. I become less coherent and more irate leading to strained conversation. Decipher your mood before hand to decide whether “right now” is such a good time.


3.  Stay positive

Being all doom and gloom is not going to solve anything and will only increase anxiety. Remember that there is often a solution to every problem and that you and your partner are one step closer to finding yours. Focus on what you can do in order to set realistic and achievable goals; everything will seem that much easier.


4. Be considerate

Remember; though you may have instigated the conversation, it’s not all about you. If you are feeling anxious then its probable that your partner is as well. Consider their needs and fears and try to refrain from playing the “blame game”.


5. Keep note

At the end of your talk make a note of any new budgets that you’ve agreed on. Once you have it in writing it will be that much easier to stick to. Keep track of your goals- long term and short term and think of the sense of accomplishment you will both feel when you reach them.


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