5 Adventurous Hen-Do Ideas

Here are 5 adventurous hen-do ideas that will get you and your adventurous party guests raring to go and excited for your big day.

So you are organising an adventurous hen-do party- you don’t want it to be the boozy bar night out or a pricey uptown party hangout, but you want it to be something- and somewhere- your friends will really enjoy and remember. Worry not as here we have a list of 5 adventurous hen party ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of to really bring out the adventurous side in all of your guests.



Go camping (or glamping)






Commonly referred to as ‘glamping’, camping in connection to a bachelorette party might be a perfect choice if you are outdoorsy types. Just imagine a cool vintage wood cabin, candles, lanterns, hammocks, sharing stories around the camp fire, stargazing, cloud watching, the smell of pines or the sound of the sea. A perfect escape just before the big event to spend some quality time with your besties; to have a ritual out in the wild and to enjoy the silence and to relax and recharge in order to be fresh and calm for the wedding day.



Go Paint balling






We know you’d never think of this but just imagine a bunch of girls in satin dresses and trainers  running around with paintball guns trying to sneak, hide and shoot. It is difficult to run in a dress, but it doesn’t matter as it is bound to be loads of fun and you will certainly have a day filled with laughter and have some funny stories to tell. Just be sure not to have the paintball hen party right before the wedding day as you might end up with some bruises which may not look good in your wedding photos.



Have a scavenger hunt



scavenger hunt



This is an oldie but a goodie. You can make it a combination of ‘to do’ and ‘to collect’ tasks. It is important to make a fun list for your hen party scavenger hunt, so be sure to include some outrageous items like having strangers write down sex advice for the bride, or record them with your phone. Get a random guy to serenade the bride, have them blow kisses to her and take photos of it, or some other fun hell raising that comes to your mind. Hide and hunt for items that the bride will need for the honeymoon, like sunscreen and sunglasses.



Go sailing



sailing hen do



There is nothing more memorable than a private charter atmosphere out in the sea. Just imagine: cocktails, sun, sea, a fresh breeze and your best friends. You could bring your own food and drinks or be catered to by some charming boat crew or even some real shipwrights. You will have time to gossip with your girlfriends, unwind from wedding preparations and just relax. If you opt for night sailing, you can easily get fireworks on the boat. How’s that for a hen party? However, considering the amount of alcohol and women on the boat, you should have some shipwrights check the boat’s safety before the bash.



Go bungee jumping or sky-diving






Why not get an adrenalin rush to get you in the right mood for the big day? An adventurous adrenaline-filled day might also help if the bride is nervous about the wedding or stressed from all the planning.  After jumping out of a plane, walking down that aisle will seem like a piece of cake. The jump is also very symbolic of the big leap into this new chapter of your life and you will have your besties there to cheer for you all the way. It is a great way to build camaraderie and create lifelong memories.



The hen do for some is like the run up to the wedding and is seen as a sneak peek into what the wedding day itself will entail, so going adventurous or doing something slightly more quirky and fun for your hen do is the way to go to get that pre-wedding excitement going.



If you have found inspiration for hen do activities but are still unsure on where to have your party, check out our list of Top 10 Hen and Stag Do Destinations.

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