4 Magical Movie-Inspired Wedding Themes

Your wedding can be as magical as you make it, so why not look to your favourite movies for some inspiration?

These wild and wonderful wedding themes will make beautiful photographs and enchanting memories, so take a step into your favourite fantasy  and relive the magic all over again.


1) Harry Potter


The Harry Potter franchise may be over (sob) but that doesn’t mean that your obsession can’t live on.  Serve up the butterbeer, pass round the wands and let your guests experience the magic first hand with this unbelievably fun wedding theme.


wedding themes


2) Alice in Wonderland


Are you a fan of the weird and wacky? Clutter and disorder can be a main feature of this theme, so go mad. Set up a tea-party, some garden games and decorate everything with red roses.


wedding themes


3) Wizard of Oz


Click your ruby heels and take yourself back to your childhood. Recreate the bright and colourful land of Oz for all your guests and they certainly won’t be wanting to go home.


wedding themes


4) The Chronicles of Narnia


This fantastical children’s classic is a perfect theme for a cosy winter wedding. Wrap up warm and decorate with vintage detailing for a timeless and utterly enchanting wedding.


wedding themes


Get Weddy to add these magic touches to your wedding.

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