35 Great Wedding Gift Ideas

Find some inspiration from these 35 great wedding gift ideas.

Is your best friend getting married soon and you don’t know what to get? Maybe you should consider one of these 35 great wedding gift ideas.



Of course not everyone is the same. Some couples are quite easy to shop for, while others might require days devoted to thinking of a clever and original gift for their wedding.



It’s important to be original and thoughtful when buying your wedding gift so turning up with a bespoke set of titanium plated knife's isn't quite going to cut it (unless the couple are michelin star chefs in the kitchen). So here is a helpful guide of 35 gifts you could consider instead:



1. Something personalised like a 'story of us' print.



Handy if you know the couple really well and as it's personalised, it comes with that made-to-measure feel that boasts thoughtfulness.



Added bonus with this gift is that if you know any funny stories that contributed to how they got together, you can include all that too! Cue their delightful embarassment.



wedding gift



2. Personalised cushions



Staying with the home theme and in the front room in particular, a pair of personalised cushions may be a bit of a cheesy gift, but every time they go to sit down on the couch, they'll be reminded of that thoughtful gesture you made on their big day.



Added bonus with this gift is that it is a relatively safe bet- everyone loves a good cushion, and with their wedding adorned on them, it makes them even more special.



wedding gift ideas



3. Memory/ Anniversary Book



The perfect gift for newlyweds as you can include stories and photo's from their recent wedding or any pictures from when they were children or when they first became a couple. You don't even have to specifically buy a book from  the shop, gifts like this are just as easy to create by yourself. A visit to a home ware store and a little creativity could get you very far.



An added bonus with this gift is that it can be anything you like- it doesn't even need to be a book necessarily! If they like travelling, for example, you could even make it into a scrap book style gift.



wedding gift ideas



4. Cook books



They're now married, the honeymoon is over and they have to come home to the harsh reality that is only one of them can cook food suitable for human consumption. As a wedding guest, you could anticipate this and facilitate with a gift of some cookbooks. Whether they need to learn the art from scratch, fancy learning some new recipes or want to get creative together in the kitchen, this present will surely go down a treat.



Added bonus with this gift is that promotes couple time in the kitchen. But be careful! A book titled "Cooking for Dummies" may actually leave a bitter taste in their mouth- unless this is the intention anyway.



wedding gift ideas



5. Personalised Wooden Crate Planter



This is more for the green-fingered couple. This would make a nice addition to the newlywed's garden as they can literally plant their seeds of love in their and lovingly watch it grow. Seems a bit of a cheesy one again but it proves a nice and unique present for those that would appreciate something for their garden more than just the house.



An added bonus with this gift is that it can also be a great gift for those who like the grow-your-own approach to food. If you know their favourite plants or flowers, you could even plant something for them or leave it as a surprise for them.


wedding gift ideas



6.Mr and Mrs Gifts



You can get hold of a huge amount of Mr and Mrs style gifts ranging from pillowcases, bedding, dressing gowns, towels, spoons and even Mr and Mrs prints to put on the wall.  It's a timeless present that can be given a quirky twist.



An added bonus with this gift is that you can judge the type of Mr and Mrs gift ie: a spoon set or a cosy dressing gown set, by the personality of the couple getting married.


wedding gift idea



7. Couples Initials



This gift is open to all kinds of interpretation and you can get any styles you want. From initialled jewellery to door stops with the couples initials, the possibilities are endless. There are initials with carnival lights available which could be easily bought to put out at the wedding reception.



Added bonus with this gift is that these initials could be utilised anywhere from a door stop to a book shelf decoration so it is the perfect personalised gift.


wedding gift idea



8. Personalised Rolling Pin



It may sound like a silly one, but it's a perfect gift to give in the name of cheesiness and if the couple are the King and Queen of cheese then even better! When they're next rolling out their pasta or pastry in the kitchen, they'll have a nice reminder of their special day.



Added bonus with this gift is that it's personalised and so gives you free reign for jokes. Any funny inside jokes between the couple and their friends? This might be a good idea!



wedding gift idea



9. Swing Dance Class for Two.



Did you notice at the couple's first dance that their dancing was a little off parr? Well this could be a good gift to give. This is the perfect gift as something newlyweds can do after their honeymoon. They can learn to dance, get some couple time and have a good laugh while they learn.



Added bonus with this gift: If you have some adventurous newlyweds that are hungry to try something new then this is the unique gift for them.


wedding gift idea



10. Cookery Classes



Much like the recipe book, this gift has the power to say so much with something simple. They have a great time learning to cook some new recipes as well as learning how to tolerate each other in the kitchen- a very useful skill they can take way from the class



Added bonus here is if you know a pair of hopeless cooks or budding chefs, this will be great. It'll also give them a couple of extra marital tips no doubt.


wedding gift idea



12. Grapevine Gift Crate



Voted gift of the year last year, this is the perfect gift for the wine lovers! They can grow their own grapevine and nurture it together and then make their own wine.



Added bonus with this gift: Well, it speaks for itself- whenever they next have a house party, the wine is on them.



wedding gift idea



13. Personalised Spoof Newspaper Headline.



A great idea for the newlywed's whose wedding had a touch of celeb-style glam. Or maybe the couple are no strangers to drama? Either way, this would be a great unique momento of their day.



Added bonus with this gift is that you don't  have to keep it for after the wedding, you can stick them up around the venue or even on a couple of lamp posts to drum up some hype around the whole day.



wedding gift idea



14. 'Name a star' package.



This is a nice unique idea that is guaranteed to spark some interest. It's a lasting momento of the day and one you'll be able to see every night if you look to the skies.



Bonus with this gift is that is perfect for the hopeless romantics.



wedding gift idea



15. Engraved Clock



A great gift for the time-keepers or the couples who seem to be late to everything. Not only will have the time as plain as day to see, their names will be engraved on there too so they can say goodbye to all those time excuses.



Added bonus: This gift makes for a classic and timeless look and it's something practical and personal.



wedding gift idea



16. Personalised Calendar



Very much like the clock, this unique gift means that they cannot easily forget those important dates either- you can even personalise it with all their own special dates too.



Added bonus to this gift is the ample opportunity to get really quirky and personal with the gift- 12 months equals 12 great opportunities to personalise their calendar with all their embarrassing (and maybe some loved-up) photo's.



wedding gift idea



17. Framed Record/First Song Lyrics



Do you know the couple's all time favourite song or even the song they might go down the aisle or dance their first dance to? Here is the best gift idea if that answer was yes. It makes for a sentimental gift they can cherish.



wedding gift idea



18. London Eye & Lunch For Two



If the newlyweds are keen tourists and travellers to London then this is the greatest gift for them. They get to experience one of the most famous London landmarks and then have a lovely romantic lunch for two afterwards.


wedding ideas



19. Personalised Scratch Map of the World



This is the perfect gift for the traveller couple. The way it works is they scratch off all the places they've visited as they visit them so they can keep track of their world domination. It is also romantic to see the journey they have taken together.



Added bonus to this gift: If you know where their honeymoon is going to be, you could start off by scratching that place off for them and adding a little goodbye/good luck message.



wedding gift



20. Personalised Sweet Jars



Do your newlywed hosts have a sweet tooth? Then this is the gift for them. They can come in a mix of shapes and sizes, depending on the extent of their sugar addiction and you can personalise the jar to something cheeky on the jar for them too.



Added bonus: If you know their favourite sweets, you can fill them to the brim before the day or if they have two separate tastes , how about personalising them to be his and hers sweet jars?


wedding gift ideas



21. Personalised Champagne or Wine Bottle/Cork



This gift is perfect again for the wine connoisseur and Champagne lover. Not only would you be giving them a gift of a bottle of bubbly- it'll have their name on too. If you have any inside jokes about their alcohol consumption, here would be the best place for it.



Added bonus with this gift is you can also get giant champagne corks for decorations or even a side table. Something to consider if your hosts have a passion for the bubbly



wedding gift idea




22. Personalised Canvas Photo



Again, this is personalised so the picture can vary from the place the couple met, to their honeymoon destination or even their favourite place. You can also get a message and/or date on there too to make the canvas even more special.



Added bonus with this gift is you can get canvases any size and they work in almost every room so how about expanding to a personalised set?


wedding gift ideas




23. Personalised Cork Noticeboard


A great idea for the busy couple who have post-its plastering the walls. This allows them to put all those tasks in one neat place. Less post-its, more action!



Added bonus with this gift is you can personalise it to match the most common tasks they would normally leave to post-its. 'The house shopping list' for example.



wedding gift idea



24.  Digital Photo Frame


This is a great one for keeping the wedding day feel alive long after it's over. A digital photo frame allows you to see more than one photo at one time in a slideshow type fashion. You or the newlyweds can set up their own slideshow of their favourite photo's from the wedding day, honeymoon or any other couple shenanigans.


Added bonus with this gift is that you can pre-load it so if you have some great pictures from their day you can put all these together for a truly personalised photo experience.



wedding gift idea



25. Picnic Hamper



Great for all the picnic loving couples. With a complete and personalised hamper, they can make the most of those sunny days in the park and spend some good quality time talking over their gingham rugs and soggy sandwiches.



wedding gift idea



26. Framed Vows



This is a gift that is best done after the wedding unless you have the inside information on the couple's vows. Vows are the most sacred, personal and sentimental part of the whole marriage so this gift will no doubt be a hit with the newlyywed's.



Added bonus with this style gift is that you can frame some of the speeches too- especially if they brought the house down! It will make for something funny and special to look back on.


wedding gift idea



27. Tea Light Holders



Perfect for the romantic couple and their romantic candle-lit dinners. Personalised tea light holders are also available to give their romantic meals that personal touch.



wedding gift ideas



28. Vintage Love Definition Print



As if they'll need reminding? However this makes a good guest for a romantic touch and to help make their house a home. From the love they share for each other, to their growing family, it'll always be at home on their front room wall.


wedding gift idea


29. Sixpense Keepsake



A small and unique but sentimental way for the newlywed's to remember their special day. Tradition states that it is lucky for the sixpence to be in the brides shoe for the wedding so giving this as a gift would mean you being a part of the tradition of the day.


wedding gift idea



30. Oven Mitts



This is another gift idea for the budding cook. You can get some humourous mitts too so the newlywed's can inject some fun into their cooking attempts.


wedding gift idea



31. Personalised Star Signs Couples Print



A perfect gift for those who keep a careful eye out for their star signs in the magazines and newspapers. This gift would confirm their destined match to each other and it's something fun and unique to adorn their walls at home with.



Added bonus with this gift is the potential to add some humour in there. Research the star signs if you don't know about them already and see if there are any similarities to their star signs.


wedding gift idea



32. Personalised Wedding Day Scrabble Art



There are many options when it comes to prints and canvases for newlyweds and this is another option for the wordiest of couples. They can boast this high scoring gift in their front room ready for envying stares.


wedding gift idea



33. Personalised Wedding Guest Venn Diagram Poster 



Something unusual and perfect for remembering everyone on the guest list and especially the families from both sides. Anything from quotes to memories can go into this and it makes for a lovely keepsake of the day that isn't as traditional as a guest book.



Added bonus with this gift is the opportunity to get everyone involved in this. This involves people from both sides of the family so  how about gathering quotes from both sides and getting them all together in the process.


wedding gift idea



34. Personalised Couple's Puzzle



The ultimate gift for the problem solving couple. As well as putting their problem solving skills to the test, it makes for a fun Sunday afternoon activity. Everyone loves a puzzle!



Added bonus with this gift is that almost anything can be printed on this type of gift so feel free to get creative with you design.


wedding gift idea


35. A Family Portrait



No matter what artistic style you chose, this is a gift that cements the unity the newlywed's now share. They can also expand on these portraits when their family starts to grow.


wedding gift idea


Now that you've seen the possibilities for wedding gifts, how about reading up about wedding etiquette before your friends big day?

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