3 Venues to Enjoy a 4/20 Themed Wedding (If you can be bothered to get off the couch)

3 Venues to Enjoy a 4/20 Themed Wedding (If you can be bothered to get off the couch)

Why not roll up a big fat doobie with your sweetie and chow down on some hash wedding cake this 4/20?

Cannabis, Pot, Weed, Funk, Ganja, The Good Stuff; whatever you call it, and whatever you think about it- it has a whole day for itself.


420, as a term, was coined in California in 1971. A group of San Rafael High School students used to  meet daily at 4.20pm to get stoned, and referred to toking up as 420. Little did they know that the term would become adopted globally, and years on, the 20th of April would become a kind of “Cannabis Christmas, ” for hundreds of thousands of pot-smokers worldwide.



We here at Weddy don’t condone recreational drug use as a rule, but if you and your honey do choose to partake, then what better way to celebrate your big day than by taking a pilgrimage to the spiritual home of Snop: Amsterdam.


Come 4/20, Amsterdam is party-central with thousands of tourists flocking to celebrate the reefer-friendly activities. There are pro-Pot rallies abound, and hemp enthusiasts dance in the streets to loud music that blares from speakers outside the Amsterdam City Hall. With the city-wide party atmosphere, why not consider including your wedding in the weed-fueled celebrations?




While the paperwork involved in marrying legally in Amsterdam may be a hassle, you might like to consider having a blessing and legalizing the marriage when you’re back in the UK- sans Pot.

As well as being known for  it’s relaxed views on weed, Amsterdam is also renown for it’s beauty. Here are a couple of our favourite dream Dutch venues.

Hotel Estherea

While the hotel itself is a non-smoking establishment, it is conveniently located in the old city centre and within walking distance of Amsterdam’s famous 420 Cafe. The four star hotel sits snugly in a row of beautiful historic buildings along Amsterdam’s oldest canal; the Singel.




This plush hotel is an oasis of calm in the busy city, and boasts crystal chandeliers and sumptuous furniture: ideal for those who get the munchies for elegance.

Level Eleven  

If you’re after something a little more modern, then Level Eleven is the hotel for you. You will certainly be getting high here as the hotel offers spectacular views over the city, along with a trendy yet intimate atmosphere.




This hotel is, once again, centrally located for ease of access to the city and all of it’s amusements. There’s no doubt that you’d be feeling on top of the world at this unique venue.


Amstelhaven bar and restaurant is perfect if you are looking for something a bit more casual. With it’s cozy atmosphere and beautiful view of the river, paying it a visit is a must- even if you choose to get married elsewhere.




With all of these amazing venues you’d be mad not to have your wedding in Amsterdam; so why not roll up a big fat doobie with your sweetie and chow down on some hash wedding cake this 4/20.

Disclaimer: Substance abuse should not be taken lightly, we recommend you visit to get the low-down on the effect smoking cannabis can have on your health.

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