3 Absolutely Essential Wedding Planning Tips

To help you on your way, we spoke to top wedding planner Lindsey Hunter, for her top advice
When it comes to the wedding, it’s the bride and her troops that usually create the most excitement about the day and its proceedings. However, once the ball starts rolling, it can all start to seem a little overwhelming.
However, ladies, don’t be disheartened because we believe getting what you want simply boils down to being efficient and on top of the planning process. To help you on your way, we spoke to wedding planner Lindsey Hunter, for her top 3 absolutely essential wedding planning tips on what to prioritise and how to get it right!


wedding planning tips

1. Deciding On and Sharing Ideas

Not surprisingly, Lindsey’s first piece of advice for future brides is to use Pinterest!

“It’s the perfect planning tool. Brides can create boards of the ideas they like from the vast array of images and posts available on there and before you know it, you have your perfect wedding staring at you from the screen.”

Another point to note is that Pinterest allows you to share ideas with members of your family and bridal party without sending multiple and frequent spam emails when you change your mind about an idea, or when you want opinions on a thought.


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2. Saving Money

The primary consideration here is to not be penny wise and pound foolish so to speak. So when it comes to getting the essentials, you want to get those early and done by professionals. These essentials include the photographer, band/musician, flowers and the like. Using professionals may cost a bit more at the outset, but it’s worth it.


wedding planning tips


Professionals will save you money having been in the business for a while as they know where to cut costs and ensure that you do not have to pay for things twice if you didn’t get it done right first time.

Of great consideration too is that some things cannot be redone, if the photos of the ‘during the ceremony’ moments are not caught on camera properly, you wont get a chance to catch them again. Other money saving tips that can really stretch your dollar includes re-using the flowers from the ceremony venue at the reception. Of course this requires supreme organisation and efficiency. Once you get all the primary items in place, it is then that you add other things to your wish list to see if your budget can facilitate them.


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3. Getting a Good Wedding Planner

Some brides have been planning their wedding since they were ten! So when the time comes they know exactly what they want, but now how, when and where to get it.

If this is you, then this is where you may want to invest in a little help. A good wedding planner is able to answer all of your questions quickly, which is the most critical asset of having a planner. He or she appreciates how stressful this time can be and specialise in keeping the bride as relaxed as possible throughout the planning process. An excellent planner thinks things through for you, based on what you need and updates you (the bride) at every step of the way.

Basically, having expressed your wishes, the wedding planner makes them come through and informs you of when, how and where it will get done.

Lindsey also noted that, “most importantly, a wedding planner will be there quietly on the morning of the wedding to calm any last minute nerves and ensure everything is in place with the venue, suppliers and guests, making sure everything runs smoothly without the couple getting stressed, leaving them to enjoy their big day.”


wedding planning tips


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