25 Wedding Makeup Tips

25 Wedding Makeup Tips

Trying to get the perfect look for your wedding day can be tough so here are 25 wedding makeup tips to help make your choices easier

When searching for the best look for your big day, the choices can seem endless. Whether you chose to do your own makeup, or get the help of a trained makeup artist to do your makeup on the day, here are 25 wedding makeup tips to bear in mind before the morning of the big day.



1. Keep it simple


Sometimes, keeping your look simple is the best and there is no better time for this than your wedding day. It's going to be a long day filled with all kinds of emotion so the last think you want to be worrying about is your makeup.


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2. Find out your face shape


Finding out your face shape is such a useful tool for everything to do with your look; from the right hair cut, to the right makeup to use and how to use it.


If you still need to find out you face shape, use this handy tip




3. Disguise your under eye bags



Whether you left your hen-do til the night before or you couldn't sleep for excitement and nerves, this tip could be a life saver. Start by using a lighter colour in the crease of your eye and then use a darker colour for the puffy part of the eye.



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4. How to get that illusive false eyelash look



Follow these simple steps to get that false eyelash look:


- After curling your lashes, apply a thin layer of powder before applying mascara.


- Apply 2 coats to the bottom and top sides of your lashes but wait 3-5 minutes between each application. This will help avoid clumping in your lashes.


- When applying, don't just move from the base of your lashes up, make sure you move your wand back and forth while going up to ensure maximum coverage.


- Then lastly, check your lashes for any gaps. You can fix this by using the end of your brush or a fine liquid eye liner to quickly fill these in.



wedding makeup tips



5. Make your eyes look brighter


To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, follow this handy tip. Apply lighter colours to the inner corners of your eye, the middle of your eye and just under your brow bone. The key with this is to remember the lighter the colour, the bigger the area of application. The darker the colour, the smaller the application area is.




6. Heat your eyelash curler



This tip seems a little unusual but heating your eye lash curlers can ensure that your eyelashes stay in shape all day. It works for the curls in your hair, so in principle, it should work for your lashes.



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7. Find your right match



With more colour choices on the shelves than you can shake a shaded stick at, it can be hard finding the right foundation and shade for you. Worry no longer though, as the trick for finding the right shade is to match it to the shade on your neck rather than the shade on your face. This will make blending easier to avoid those horrible makeup lines around the edges of your face.



For tips on how to best apply your foundation, click here



wedding makeup tips




8. Use your lip liner to accentuate your lips


We aren't all blessed with the lips of Angelina Jolie (and if you are then you are very lucky) so if you want big lips for you big day then here is the tip for you: use your lip liner to trace a line very close to the natural line of your lips for a quick lip fix.



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9. Make your lipstick last



This is a tip for those who always find their lipstick falling short at the staying power and there isn't a more important day for your lipstick to stay faithful than you wedding day. Whether you spend £5 or £20 on your lipstick, here is a tip for making it last all day. Once you've applied your lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and apply some powder over the tissue. This will create a matte lip look that will last all day




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10. Make your own lip gloss



This is a handy trick to learn if you have the colour you want as a powder pigment. Use a dab of petroleum jelly and mix in your desired colour powder and there you have it- an instant lip gloss in the perfect colour for you.



wedding makeup tips




11. Get smooth and full lips



Another unusual trick for your lips is to give them a brush with a toothbrush and vaseline. This will, in essence, wake them up and give them a fresh and plumped up look ready for you to apply your lipstick.



wedding makeup tips




12. Apply your foundation last



A tip for skilful application is to always apply your foundation last after your eyes and lips. This way it is easier to hide those little smudges and marks that you made whilst doing the rest of your makeup.




13. The trick for oily skin



The top tip for any bride with oily skin is to always carry a tissue with them for dabbing those shiny bits away. However, you needn't buy blotting paper, squares of toilet tissue can work just as well.




14. Apply makeup in a natural light



The best place to apply your makeup is in natural light so you can see your finished look in the truest light. Artificial lights, with almost everything, can trick you into a false sense of security with colours showing up slightly differently.




15. Use hairspray to set your makeup



This is the quickest way to ensure your look stays put all day- the magic words for a bride with the biggest and most important day of her life ahead. Once you have your completed look, spray some hairspray across your face. This technique works especially well for eyes which is great as you are mopping those tears of joy away.




16. Wash your makeup brushes



This is rule number one when it comes to makeup. Having bacteria and dirt on your face is not good for your skin so washing your brushes regularly and especially on the morning of your big day will ensure you arrive fresh faced and ready for the day ahead.




17. Make your look colourful



The best thing for your look is to remember not to go to pale and nude with your makeup. Your dress is already white so going nude would wash you out completely. However, whilst you want to inject some colour, it's important not to overdo it.



wedding makeup tips



18. Take your time


It's important that amongst the usual havoc going on around you that you take your time with getting your look right- enjoy getting ready. Allow plenty of time for getting ready and some time for if something goes a bit wrong.



19. Keep some makeup with you



While you will try your best to keep your makeup in tip top condition for the whole day, sometimes you will need that quick touch up so having some of the essentials in your bag will be a life saver.



20. Arrange a makeup trial well in advance



If you decide not to do your own makeup, make sure you arrange a makeup trial and run through weeks in advance so you can discuss the look you want and how long it will take so that the morning of your big day can run as smoothly as possible.



21. Make sure your makeup artist understands you



When you meet up for a trial with your makeup artist, make sure they really understand the look you are going for and that they don't take over completely and leave you with a look you aren't happy with. If you don't agree, look for another artist. It's your big day and something you will remember for the rest of your life so it's your choice that truly matters.



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22. Go glowy, not shiny


You want to go for the look of a glowing bride, not a shiny one. Too much shimmer on your face will play havoc with the photo's and as a complete look, it'll look far too much.



wedding makeup tips



23. Pick statement eyes or lips, not both


As mentioned in an earlier point, colour is good for a wedding look, but be careful. With your finished look you want it to be balanced look. As far as statement looks go, it's either the lips or the eyes-not both. Overdo it and it'll look too much.



24. If you go DIY, think about professional lessons



If you are going to do your own makeup then maybe think about investing in professional makeup lessons or advice in what makeup is right for you and how to apply your makeup to ensure the best results.




25. Go waterproof



With such an emotional day ahead, going waterproof is the only way to go. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for your makeup to be streaming down your face. You can get most makeup in waterproof versions including mascara and eye liners so have a good shop around first.




If this article has inspired you to think about doing your own makeup for the big day, check out some DIY wedding makeup ideas.





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