25 Hen-Sational Hen party Ideas

25 Hen-Sational Hen party Ideas

Whether you're a creative hen, a pampered hen or a cheeky hen... we've got a hen party to suit you!

While novelty straws and “hilariously” shaped chocolates have become increasingly anatomically correct, modern brides are shunning L-plates and veils in favour of more sophisticated hen extravaganzas. Safaris, glamping, music recording sessions, even a ride on the world famous Orient Express are now all available to fun loving nearly-weds looking for something unique for their hen parties.



hen party ideas



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hen party ideas



We've partnered with to bring you some hen-sational ideas for your big night out. Whether you want to do something a bit messy, be adventurous from a great height, or just get deliriously drunk with your best girls, we've picked out 25 top hen party ideas that we're sure you'll love!



Back to Nature



 1. Ultimate Zip Wire



hen party ideas



This is perfect for you adrenaline-fuelled, thrill-seeking hens out there. The ultimate zip wire certainly lives up to its name. Based in North Wales and at a huge 1 mile in length, it is the longest in Europe. Even more impressive is its speed, this zip wire wins the record for fastest in the world so you will find yourself flying through the air at an incredible 100mph!



2. Castaway Day



hen party ideas



Ever find yourself watching Bear Grylls thinking "I could do that?" Well now you can! You and your hens can have your very own castaway day in Cardiff where you will be put into two teams competing against one another in some exciting outdoor challenges. A group of survival experts will teach you all the skills you need, from bush craft to raft building, you'll get it all. Then your new found skills will be put to the test as you compete against one another for the ultimate prize. The best part is your whole day will be filmed and snapped by your instructors, so you'll be able to watch it back with your hens whilst drinking a bottle of bubbly!



3. Horse Riding



hen party ideas



This is the perfect activity for hens who want to unwind and relax. Horse riding marries gorgeous views to a relaxing pace, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view. There are lots of beautiful destinations you can choose from, whether you want a trot along the beach or a gallop through the countryside, there is a perfect place for you. Your instructors will be on hand to make sure you have the most enjoyable day as possible. So pick a destination, grab your hens, and have a beautiful day horse riding.



4. Glamping



hen party ideas



Are you too glamp to camp? Glamping is the perfect way to have a night underneath the stars with your best mates with all the luxuries of a hotel. Put your feet up in these fully furnished tents, pop open the champers and have a great time with your girls!



5. Safari



hen party ideas now offer incredible weekends away in Africa getting up close and personal with some of the continents most spectacular residents. They offer a range of safari adventures available from 3 day mobile safaris to a full week spent in some of the most spectacular environments in the world. For a list of their safari locations, click here.



Girl Power



 6. Pole Dancing Lessons



hen party ideas



This sexy activity will see you working your muscles,  both through exercising on the pole, and laughing your head off with your hens! Trained instructors will show you all the tricks of the trade, whether you're a complete novice or a trained dancer, you are guaranteed to have a great time. It's also a perfect way to impress your hubby-to-be, we're sure he'll be intrigued to see your new found skills.



7. Glee Dancing



hen party ideas



If the bride-to-be is already a fan of Glee you just know she's going to love this, but even if she isn't, this activity will get her smiling and laughing. The session covers various songs from the show including Single Ladies, Vogue and of course Don't Stop Believing (Just a Small Town Girl). You will learn all the steps to make sure you are 'regionals' ready. There'll be no stopping you on the dance floor later that night!



8. Music Video



hen party ideas



It's about time you and your beautiful hens got your moment in the limelight. Begin your day with a bottle of bubbly and meet the people who are going to make this dream a reality. You will be given a professional makeover with a make-up artist and a stylist so you look Beyonce fabulous. No singing is required and the bride will be given a starring role. You will be choreographed to perfection so that your music video looks the real deal, and at the end you will walk away with your very own DVD. Sounds perfect girls!



9. Recording Session



hen party ideas



If your hen party really have the X-Factor why not sign them up for a recording studio session? Professional studio engineers will guide you to record your own hit single. Surprise the bride by getting it played at the reception and who knows…. maybe you could even give it to Mr Cowell?



10. Back to the 80's



hen party ideas



Dance classes are always a winner with hen parties, with everything on offer from Abba, 80s and ‘Thriller’ to modern street dance, Dirty Dancing and the sultry art of burlesque. Fun, fit and always hilarious.






11. Bubble Mayhem



hen party ideas



If you and your hens aren't the type for sitting around sipping tea, get yourselves down to bubble mayhem! These zorb balls are designed for you to wear on your upper body so you can ram, bounce and jump until your heart's content. With a series of side-splitting challenges, you'll spend the afternoon bouncing around with your hens having the time of your life.



12. Laughter Yoga



hen party ideas



No hen party is complete without a whole lot of laughter! This quirky activity combines fun, relaxation, meditation and giggles. You and the girls will get fully involved in laughter warm ups, laughter yoga, laughter meditation and loads of giggles to help you laugh your way to a stress-free afternoon and bond with the whole group! You will be combining loads of techniques that will work out your body and have you beaming from the inside-out.



13. Party Bike



hen party ideas



This new hen craze will take you to the streets of London for a 70 minute tour. The multi-seated bike holds up to 12 hens and it has its own iPod dock so you can blast your tunes as you ride. In the event of rain it has its own roof (ideal for London weather). You can bring your own beer, wine and cider to drink as you cycle, and half way through you will have a pub rest stop. Get fancy-dress fantastic, jump on this boozy bike and blast your party tunes as you ride around the vibrant city of London.



14. Somerset Challenge



hen party ideas



One of the funniest and maddest hen party activities around. Imagine the Wurzels were put in charge of the Olympics and held it in scrumpy cider loving Somerset? Huge inflatable antics, it’s just about the most fun you can have with your wellies on. There is also a Welsh challenge if you are based further north in the country.



15. Life Drawing



hen party ideas



Will the guest of honour be able to hide her blushes when the incredibly hunky male model reveals all ready to be captured in all his manly glory by the budding hen artists? An afternoon of cheeky fun and innuendo.



Retro & Vintage



16. Roller Disco



hen party ideas



Think night clubbing on wheels, glow sticks and neon, massive laughs and music, you've got yourself a roller disco! With an onsite bar, amazing music and a huge dance/roller floor, you have all the ingredients for a hilariously memorable hen party. Based in Plymouth, this 21st century club is described as 'perfect' for brides-to-be and her hens.



17. Vintage Makeover



hen party ideas



Do you find yourself wishing you had been born in a different era? Do you love the glitz and glam of the 40's, 50's and 60's? This is the perfect idea for you sophisticated ladies. Choose from 3 packages which range from basic to ultimate. The basic package gives you a vintage hair or make-up from an era of your choice, expert stylists and some free false eyelashes. The Ultimate package gives you vintage hair and make-up, expert stylists and a photo shoot with a DVD of professional retouched pictures sent to you. So choose this makeover and hit the town looking vintage-gorgeous.



18. Can Can Lessons



hen party ideas



This risqué dance will certainly get your blood pumping. We all think we know the routine, standing in a line and kicking our legs in unison... wrong! This hen party can can class will set you up for a fantastic class which is fun, often hilarious and really physical. If you thought the dance simply involved bouncing on the spot and kicking your legs you're in for a shock. This isn't just a brilliant dance but it turns out it's also a huge workout.




19. Afternoon Tea



hen party ideas



Why meet for coffee when you can have an afternoon of high tea and cakes in delightful setting with a glamorous feel? A real touch of class and perfect for brides who love everything vintage.



20. Hen Party on the Orient Express



hen party ideas



Possibly the most extravagant hen party imaginable. This four day journey will take you through some of the most beautiful places in pure style. London – Paris – Venice on the world’s most famous and opulent train. Topped off with a private motor launch and night at a top Venetian hotel.



A Touch of Decadence



21. Chicks Flicks and Cocktails



hen party ideas



Who doesn't love a chick flick? Get your own private cinema, a hunky barman and cocktails served to you all night. Pick from a choice of classic chick flicks, sit back, drink your cocktails, and enjoy a perfect night with your chicks!



22. Hen Fest



hen party ideas



GoHen gives you all the tips you need to plan your very own Big Hen Fest Weekender. Get all your best mates down to this festival in your honour. Pitch the tents, get some food stalls and hire a great band to get you dancing the night away. This is an unforgettable way to spend your weekend before your big day, and you won't want it to end!



23. Booze Cruise



hen party ideas



Believe it or not you can jump on a booze cruise in the UK. Choose from destinations such as: Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, London and York. Or if you want to set sail in the sun, there are some great locations abroad too. Pack your dancing shoes, climb on board, get boozy and dance the night away under the stars on one of these hen-sational booze cruises.



24. Cocktail Mixing



hen party ideas



Who doesn't enjoy a cheeky cocktail? A mixologist will teach your party how to mix your own, from Cosmos to Mojitos, great fun and a nice way to learn how to pep up your next summer BBQ.



25. Champagne Tasting



hen party ideas



Nothing says taste and class more then a glass or two of bubbly. Learn how to identify the fizz from the flops and get a real understanding of this most decadent of drinks.



Everybody likes to be different and with so much variety to choose from there is now no end to the unique ways to celebrate your pre-wedding party and surprise the girls with something really quite different. And all without a funny shaped straw in sight!



All of our fantastic ideas can be found and booked on So if you want more ideas and tips on ways to plan your hen party, click the link and get in touch with the experts.



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