20 Top Honeymoon Destinations You've Never Thought of

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes and most of the time they depend more on the couple’s own personality, rather than tradition.

There are thousands of honeymoon destinations all around the globe. From one corner to another there are hidden gems that you will have never heard of. However it is easy to pick a destination you have heard of or have been to before to ensure a stress-free experience.



When planning your wedding you will have planned every last detail to suit you and your partner. From venue to decor, you would have made sure that your whole day was a perfect fit for the pair of you. So why don't you do that with your honeymoon too?



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We have found you 20 top honeymoon destinations that you haven't thought of, and hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing!



So think twice about that hotel in Benidorm and have a look at these stunning locations!



1. Portmeirion Village - Wales



This historically beautiful place is situated in Wales. Built with the purpose of beauty it is the perfect place to go with your loved one for a bit of romance. Tickets are cheaper in the evening which means you can sit with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. For more info click here.



top honeymoon destinations



2. Botswana Safari - Africa



This safari will definitely add a bit of excitement to your honeymoon. You can fully immerse yourself into the  animal kingdom and get up close and personal with some incredible wildlife. And whats more romantic than a sunset in the wilderness? Book your safari here. 



top honeymoon destinations



3. Happy Magic Water Cube - China



If you want something a little bit different, why not head to the Happy Magic Water Cube in China? This water-slide extravaganza will keep you entertained for hours and we guarantee you and your partner will be laughing all day long! Find out more.



top honeymoon destinations



4. Harbin Ice Festival - China



Running through the winter months, this unbelievable tour will give you chills in all the right ways!  Ice and snow world, international snow sculpture art expo, ice lantern art fair, winter swimming watching, ice hotels, dog sledding or safari-style Siberian tigers are just some of the fantastic options you can choose from. This is a honeymoon you will never forget! Click here for more.






5. Borobudur - Indonesia



These breathtaking ancient ruins are the perfect location for newlyweds. One of the greatest monuments of Buddhist,
where the magic and the secrets of nature are wrapped in beauty. If you want to be completely at peace with your other half, this is a must. Find out more about the Temple.



top honeymoon destinations



6. Elqui Domos Hotel - Chile


This beautiful hotel was built with the purpose of letting people fall asleep under the stars. The beds are located on the top floor so you can get comfortable and star-gaze until your heart is content. If you're really into astronomy, they have there own observatory where you can delve deeper into the constellations. Whether you like astronomy or not, this hotel is truly perfect for a romantic honeymoon.




top honeymoon destinations



7. End of the World Tour - Argentina


Although you will just be starting out your lives together and the last thing you will be thinking about is the end of the world. With this 10-day private tour you will find yourself seduced by elegant Buenos Aires and thoroughly captivated by Argentina’s share of Patagonia. Marvel at the icy walls of Perito Moreno, cruise the marine-rich Beagle Channel and discover the Land of Fire at the southern-most edge of Argentina on this 10 day adventure. For booking information click here.



top honeymoon destinations



8. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island



This is the perfect resort if you want luxury. You can Sunbathe on the golden beaches, swim in the crystal blue oceans, scuba dive with beautiful exotic fish and tuck into the delightful cuisine from the comfort of your own balcony. And yes, that really is an underwater restaurant. Rangali Island really does have the wow factor and will certainly give you an unforgettable honeymoon.



top honeymoon destinations



9. Dracula's Castle - Romania



You may not be into your 'stereotypical' honeymoon and maybe you want something a little bit different. Well, Weddy has you covered. Bran Castle - commonly known as 'Dracula's Castle' is wonderfully Gothic with a tale to tell, so you're sure to be entertained! Read more here.



top honeymoon destinations



10. Makepeace Island - Australia



What's more romantic than an island shaped like a love-heart? This island is owned by Sir Richard Branson and not only does it have a perfect name, but it also boasts luxury, pampering and relaxation. All the perfect ingredients for the perfect honeymoon! Like the sound of it?



top honeymoon destinations



11. Stairway to Heaven - Oahu Hawaii



Ever wondered what heaven looks like? Take yourselves to Hawaii and climb these stairs to find out. The view will be one you will certainly never forget. Read more info here.



top honeymoon destinations



12. Houseboat - Kerala



Kerala offers the unique opportunity to experience breathtakingly beautiful backwaters which consist of a complex network of brackish lagoons, lovely lakes and canals. The most predominant way to experience the Kerala backwaters is Kerala houseboats (also known as Kettuvalloms). They are perfect for honeymooners as the beautiful views and tranquil feel is exceptionally romantic.



top honeymoon destinations



13. Skeleton Coast - Namibia



Stretching from the south of Namibia up into Angola, the Skeleton Coast and its hinterland is a landscape of haunting beauty, a vast area of rolling sand dunes, expanses of uninhabited desert plains, fossil beds, unique geological formations, desert-adapted animals and strange vegetation. Click to know more.



top honeymoon destinations



14. Islands of Madeira



The Islands of Madeira boast beautiful scenery, historical sights, stunning beaches and fantastic weather. Take a trip to Funchal where the city itself is nestled within an amphitheater. You could also hop on a cruise liner to see the 360 views and be pampered at the same time. For more ideas on things to do on the Islands click here.



top honeymoon destinations



15. Lapland



Who said Lapland was just for reindeer, elves and Santa Clause? It can also be newlyweds! You don't have to go during the Christmas period for it to feel magical. These glass pods allow you to cuddle up to your partner, be surrounded by fluffy white snow and watch the stars as you fall asleep. In the daytime you can opt for some skiing, or maybe you could go dog-sledding? If either of those aren't for you, you can simple snuggle by the fire with a glass of wine. Find your perfect trip now.



top honeymoon destinations



16. Giraffe Manor - Kenya



What's more picturesque than sitting in a traditional manor house with the sun shining on your face? Add some Giraffes and you're onto a winner! Set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi and with verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards, it harks back to the 1930s when European visitors first flocked to East Africa to enjoy safaris. Giraffe Manor is an experience you will never forget.



top honeymoon destinations



17. The Old Railway Station - West Sussex, England



Formerly Petworth Railway Station, built in 1892 - now the perfect place to relax in colonial splendour. You may choose to stay in the Old Station or step back in time and board the train. Either way, you are guaranteed a traditional English experience. Learn more about the station.



top honeymoon destinations



18. Sextantio Grotte Civita - Italy



This destination is perfect for an unforgettably romantic honeymoon. These medieval caves were restored and renovated into a village and they now hold this beautiful accommodation. Stepping into this village is like stepping into history,  and as they are in Italy, love and romance is guaranteed! For more info click here.



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19. Costa Verde Plane Hotel - Costa Rica



This is a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, which in its prior life shuttled globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Colombia). This fully outfitted, meticulously detailed, two bedroom, Boeing 727 fuselage suite jets out from the jungle canopy, affording you views that will make you feel like you’re flying. You'll feel on top of the world!



Sextantio Grotte Civita - Italy



20. The Boot B&B - New Zealand



Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a shoe? Yes, I thought so! Well, now you can have a taste for yourself. You and your partner can take a step into this incredible fairy tale accommodation and have this shoe all to yourselves. With cozy interior and it's own gardens, you are sure to fall in love with this quirky B&B.



top honeymoon destinations



So, there you have it. Our 20 top honeymoon destinations you've never thought of! Hopefully you are feeling inspired by our choices. If you happen to go to any of our quirky picks, we would love to hear about your experience!



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