20 Stag Do Ideas For an Action Packed Weekend

20 Stag Do Ideas For an Action Packed Weekend

Explore a Whole New World of Adventure

Stag parties have come along way. Traditionally the groom’s father and best man would take him down the old Dog and Duck for a couple of pints and, a frankly worrying chat about what to do on the wedding night. But modern stags have a glittering array of weird and wonderful activities to take a large group of friends to in an ever expanding atlas of destinations across the UK, Europe and even further afield. If you're looking for stag do ideas, well, you're in the right place! Weddy has you covered with the help of StagWeb.



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Nowadays when it comes to choosing your stag do the world is your lobster and lads are moving away from heavy drinking and strip clubs in favour of active adventures. So to help you out, we've come up with 20 amazing stag do ideas to get you in the party mood!



1. Bubble Football



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The biggest stag party sport of the year, bubble football is a hilarious take on ‘the beautiful game’ where the players are encased in huge zorb bubbles and barge their way around the pitch. Funnier than a Luis Suarez all you can eat buffet.



2. Zombie Boot Camp



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The groom and his trusty companions find themselves at ground zero of a zombie apocalypse. With live action game play and some pretty horrifying actors the challenge is for them to make it out alive (and safely to the pub in time for last orders). So step away from your x-box and get involved with the real thing.




3. White Water Rafting



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Across the UK and Europe stags are heading up a creek but with the luxury of a paddle and their best mates. Huge water and high adventure in one of the most exciting extreme sports around. Get stuck in with this adrenaline pumping activity and see how far you and your mates can push it.



4. Bushcraft



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Best men can take the groom back to basics as experts train the lads in building shelters, camp fires, climbing. The lads are then challenged to live off the land. have even teamed up with TV survival legend Bear Grylls to create Bear Grylls’ Stag Survivors weekends.



5. Target Shooting






“Go ahead punk… Make my day!” Sharp shooting groomsmen can enjoy the different stance European nations have to recreational shooting and let rip with a massive array of firepower. Glocks, Magnums and AK-47’s are just some of the metal Call of Duty addicts can fire.



6. Hire a Castle



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For real exclusivity, stags can become Lord of the Manor by hiring their own castle complete with pools, games rooms and every man-cave-must-have imaginable. The weekend comes complete with an array of activities set up in the castle grounds but doesn't end there. Once the party is over each of the groom’s guests is made a fully titled “Lord” with legal documentation.



7. 4x4 off road driving



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Who needs roads when you've got your own off road track and a 4x4 all to yourself? Take your car over some crazy terrain normally only seen on TV with a day of a real off-roading experience. Let your group embrace their inner adrenaline junkies. Get back to nature - then drive all over it.



8. Hovercrafting



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Hovercrafting is epic! While all the lads might think they're "The Stig" behind the wheel or are a bit handy on Gran Tourismo, if they really want to prove their driving skills then stag party hovercrafting really will put them to the test. And remember, these beasts can pack up to 50BHP which feels a lot bigger when you have a fan the size of a jet engine worryingly close to your head!



9. Bungee Jump



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Do you want a stag do that you'll never forget, will send adrenaline pulsing through your veins and push you right to the edge? Then a bungee jump is exactly what you need to do. Separate the men from the boys with this activity and take yourselves to an amazing location.



10. Canyoning 



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Not for the faint hearted, if you enjoy scrambling up cliffs, clambering through gorges, wading through rivers or climbing up waterfalls, then an action-packed day of Canyoning is definitely for you and your stags!  A full day canyoning does require a fair bit of stamina, so your group should have a decent level of fitness. If you're all up for it, it will be an unforgettable experience!



11. High Ropes Courses 



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An adrenaline pumping activity which will see you being challenged from a great height. On a high ropes course you'll be jumping, climbing and swinging around whilst navigating your way around the course. Work as a team and have a laugh, it's the perfect activity to get your blood pumping.



12. Dodgeball



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I know what you're thinking... Why would I want to relive my days at school being picked last and getting hit in the face with a rubber ball? Because it's funny that's why! Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn have brought dodgeball back to life and it turns out, it's a pretty hilarious activity for you and your stags. There are tournaments all over so if you plan it right, you could end up getting quite competitive and who knows, you might end up with a team of your own!



13. Coasteering



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Although you may have done cliff jumping on holiday, you will have never done it like this. This activity will have you clambering around cliffs, trying to navigate your way from A to B. You'll be given an experienced guide who will give you a tour around some of the best areas. The key is to work as a team to get around, but if all else fails, jump off!



14. Somerset challenge stag party 



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Think the Olympics, except with less athletes and lot more cider! This amazing stag do will give you a day filled with laughter and games. You will go head to head with other stags and hens, and do 9 challenges throughout the day fuelled with the West Countries best alcohol. Some of the challenges include: welly wanging, farmer shower, tractor tyre roll triumph and wurzel knockout. "Just about the most fun you can have with your wellies on and a pint of cider in your hand."



15. Theme Parks



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Theme parks are always a winner with stags and hens. You can either go to one nearby, or take the party abroad and visit one in another country. There is no limit on how many of you can go and even better, you can get group discounts. Alton Towers has a water park and a hotel attached to it, so you can spend the day on the rides, the evening in the bar and roll into bed just a few steps away.



16. Surfing



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Find your inner surfer dude and get yourself and your best 'brahs' on a surfing stag weekend. An instructor will give you the basics you need to learn the skills, and then you can spend the rest of the weekend perfecting your Patrick Swayze in Point Break. There is nothing like a cold beer on a beach.



17. Tank driving



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Bring out your inner soldier and drive tanks for the day. Take these incredible military machines for a drive over specially made tracks and courses. They are surprisingly easy to drive and you're guaranteed to have loads of fun taking them for a spin. It'll be a great story to tell people at work what you did for your stag weekend.



18. Beer bicycle 



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If you're visiting a new destination you want to make the most of it and see the sights, but if you're on a stag do then it's a toss up between getting out and enjoying the local landmarks or spending time in the bar. Well now you can do both! Each bike seats up to 17 and comes complete with a bar top, pint glasses and the all important beer keg containing 30 litres of beer!



19. Cave Trampoline



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This unbelievable caving experience is like nothing you've ever experienced. Based in Wales, Bounce Below will see you bouncing and sliding around a brightly coloured course built within a cave. This activity will bring out the child in you and your stags and you are sure to be laughing from start to finish.



20. Zip lining



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Get on a zip line for a total thrill. Generally they are based in incredible locations so you are sure to be blown away by the views as you shoot down the line. Why not head to Zip World and experience Europe's longest zip line. Fly down a mountain and reach speeds of 100mph at a height of 500ft.



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So the next time someone mentions a “stag do” don’t think fancy dress and drinking games. The world of stag parties is bigger and better than ever before. In fact, it’s almost enough to make you want to pop one of the most exciting and important questions a man will ever ask…“What shall we do for the stag weekend?”



For ideas and tips to create your own epic weekend check out the experts at StagWeb.

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