20 Relationship Tips for a Happily Ever After

20 Relationship Tips for a Happily Ever After

Now you’ve found the perfect man, all you need is the perfect relationship, but is this possible?

Always saying I love you before you go to sleep, giving each other five kisses a day and doing the hoovering without the other having to ask. These are some of the things it supposedly takes to achieve the perfect relationship.



No relationship is perfect! At least that’s what they say, but a recent survey suggests that the perfect relationship requires only 20 key elements. In the study, conducted by the Two Together Railcard, it was revealed that couples who had these 20 qualities had a far better and more functional relationship than those that didn't. So, what are the signs? Let’s find out:



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1. Admit you’re wrong after an argument



Admitting your wrong after an argument can sometimes be difficult, especially when you're always right. However saying sorry can make the bad vibes between you disappear, and you'll both be much happier for it!



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2. Say ‘I love you’ before you go to sleep



There is nothing better than those three magic words between couples. Saying them before you go to bed will put a smile on both of your faces and no doubt you'll sleep better too.



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3. Share washing up



Nobody enjoys doing the washing up, especially after a big meal when the kitchen looks like it has exploded. Sharing the load will make it less stressful and your partner will really appreciate the effort.



relationship tips



4. Regular date nights



Having regular date nights will keep the spark alive in your relationship. You don't have to do expensive trips or lavish dinners, sometimes just going for a nice walk in the evening will do the trick perfectly.



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5. Take turns to cook



Cooking for your loved one is a perfect way of showing them you care. Taking turns throughout the week is a great way to treat one another and that way you can alternate the washing up too! Maybe you could even surprise your partner from time to time with a lovely meal, they will love it.



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6. Sex twice a week



You both want to feel wanted in a relationship, and being intimate is a great way to show that to each other. Sex twice a week is just the right amount to keep you on your toes. If you want some ideas on spicing up your sex life click here.



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7. Share household chores



Sharing household chores will significantly reduce stress within a relationship. Leaving everything to your partner will just cause them to resent you. Doing little bits here and there will make them feel much better and you will certainly be appreciated for it.



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8. Same taste in films



There is nothing worse than settling down to watch a film with your partner, turning on Netflix and finding yourselves sitting there an hour later without having decided on a film. According to this survey couples who like the same films get on much better together, and we can see why!



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9. Meet through mutual friends



According to this study if you meet through mutual friends you are more likely to have a happy relationship. You will have a strong friends group that you can socialise with together which is a great way to reduce stress.



relationship tips



10. Three year, six months age gap



Having an age gap of three years and six months is supposedly the perfect age range to have within a couple. It is not too significant that it is noticeable and small enough to have lots in common.



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11. Two shared hobbies



Two shared hobbies between a couple will not only give you qualities to have in common, however will also give you something fun to do together that you enjoy. Sharing an interest gives you stress free time together and conversation for hours.



relationship tips



12. Share three mutual friends



Having a group of friends that you can spend time with together is a great way to keep you active as a couple. You each need time to spend with friends as it is important not to smother one another. Sharing mutual friends means you can still socialise and be with each other in an enjoyable setting.



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13. Three date nights a month



Sometimes it can be hard to fit in date nights when you have busy schedules, work hard and get home late. You don't always feel like going out, however it is important to try for the sake of your relationship. You will both appreciate the time together and doing it regularly will give you something to look forward to after a long day.



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14. Best friends



Who doesn't want to be best friends with their partner? After all, you see each other at your best and worst and accept every flaw. Being best friends is a bonus as well as a blessing, and these couples have a better success rate.



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15. Kiss five times a day



You may not think about how much you kiss one another. One day you may kiss each other a lot and the other you may not kiss at all. According to this survey, couples who kiss at least five times a day are much more likely to stay together.



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16. Cuddle five times a day



Much like the kissing tip, they also say to cuddle five times a day. Just a passing cuddle from time to time or a snuggle on the couch will definitely do the trick.



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17. Have one romantic meal a month



This could either be cooked at home or you could go out. Either way, it's a great way to keep the romance alive between you, and nothing says love like good food!



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18. Two weekend breaks a year



A couple of weekend breaks a year according to the survey is enough to keep your relationship a happy one. Sometimes getting away from that daily routine in a different place can revitalise you and make the pair of you feel great. You can always find great cheap weekend breaks throughout the year that are perfect for both of you.



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19. Both work full-time



The survey states that by both couples working, you will both be happier. Couples who both have a full time job will be less stressed as they are both bringing in an income.



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20. Have the same taste in food



Finally, sharing the same taste in food is said to be the perfect recipe for a happy relationship. It means you can check out your favourite restaurants together and maybe even get romantic with food!



relationship tips



So, there you have it! According to this survey, by using these 20 relationship tips you and your partner should live blissfully happy.



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