20 Ingredients for a Perfect Wedding

The Devil is in the Detail; here are 20 perfect wedding ideas to give you a day to remember

While many brides-to-be become fixated on certain aspects of the wedding: a killer dress; a celeb style party; a showstopper cake… it can be the case that other important elements fall by the wayside. The secret to throwing the perfect wedding is to make sure that it is a good all-rounder, and these 20 perfect wedding ideas will help you create a special day that your guests will always remember.



perfect wedding ideas



1. Don’t drag it out



While we appreciate that the wedding is, in fact, supposed to be all about the ceremony; no one wants to sit through one that’s going to be running on longer than about 20 mins. Attention spans aren’t what they used to be, so sitting quietly enraptured by a never ending wedding ceremony isn’t on everyone’s to do list. Keep it short and sweet to keep people’s interest.



perfect wedding ideas



2. Personalise your program



As I’ve mentioned; attention spans are often lacking. Creating a personalised program will give your guests something to entertain themselves with, (especially if you happen to be running fashionably late!) not only that but they make nice little keepsakes too.



perfect wedding ideas



3. There’s an app for that



Get with the times- there’s an app for everything! So why not get one for your wedding? Encourage your guests to upload photos to a public app so that you can view all of your wedding images in one place.



perfect wedding ideas



For a list of more wedding apps check out The Best Wedding Planning Apps for your Big Day



4. Welcome Baskets



We’re not saying to splurge on a welcome basket for all of your guests, but it is inevitable that some of  your friends and family may have travelled quite a way to attend your big day. Why not put together a basket of essential supplies like snacks, bottles of water and maybe a couple of magazines for the morning after. If they’re unfamiliar with the area why not throw in a local map and a list of your favourite places so that they can do a bit of sightseeing?



perfect wedding ideas



5. Meet and Greet



Weddings can be so hectic that sometimes you can forget that you haven’t actually welcomed or thanked your guests. Be sure that you make time for this, not only is it polite but it’s also practical. You might not be able to spend a significant amount of time with everybody but at least this way you will have at least spoken to everyone.



perfect wedding ideas



6. Make an effort with your seating chart



If you have gone to the bother of constructing a seating chart make sure you’ve put the effort in. No one wants to be sat on a table full of strangers just because they were hard to place. Be prepared to give it some serious thought, otherwise let your guests seat themselves.



perfect wedding ideas



7. Budget for the bar



When we are merely guests at a wedding we all know that the best bit is the party afterwards- don’t forget this now that it’s your wedding. Put some money behind the bar. Even if you restrict prepaid drinks to wine and beer due to a small budget, your guests will appreciate the free drinks.



perfect wedding ideas



8. A Custom Cocktail



If your budget simply won’t stretch to a prepaid bar then why not pick one or two cocktails that you and your partner can customise and serve them at the reception? It will add a personal feel to the proceedings and nothing gets a party started like a nice cocktail!



perfect wedding ideas



9. Consider your guests’ needs



Are you having an outdoor wedding? Consider parasols to protect those with sensitive skin from the sun and get blankets for the evening time in case it gets chilly. It’s often the case that by the end of the day your female guests will be crippled by their high-heels so it might be nice to provide them with some flip-flop alternatives to keep them dancing until dawn.



perfect wedding ideas



10. Provide a social snug



Dancing simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, provide an area away from the loud music where guests can relax and socialise without having to shout above the din- we’re sure granny will appreciate it.



perfect wedding ideas



11. Short Speeches



No one wants to listen to drunk Uncle Dave prattle on for half an hour; keep speeches short and sweet so that no one gets too bored. It might be an idea to stagger them throughout dinner to give everyone a chance to take a break in between courses and socialise.



perfect wedding ideas



12. Be open to requests



Nothing gets a party atmosphere going like song requests. You can set this up before the wedding by sending out song request forms with your invites so that the DJ can be prepared before the big day, or you can let your guests have at it on the night- whichever you decide your guests will love dancing to their favourite song.



perfect wedding ideas




13. DIY Desserts



Strictly speaking this is not limited to desserts- I just like alliteration. DIY bars are all the rage at the minute, be they build your own pizza, decorate your own cupcake or paint your own wedding favours. Everyone loves a bit of arts and crafts and it will give your guests something else to do.



perfect wedding ideas



14. Phone charging facilities



Not everyone comes prepared with a spare battery or emergency phone charger; and given that most of us use our phones to take photos your guests battery life is going to run out fast. Provide out of the way phone charging areas so that you wont have to worry about any special moments not being captured on camera.



perfect wedding ideas



15. Games



These are a nice feature to have as part of your social snug area. Games will allow guests who don’t know each other to interact more easily as they will automatically have something to talk about (other than the wedding that is!). If you have children at your wedding, games are also a good way to keep them distracted.



perfect wedding ideas



16. Midnight snacks



You don’t have to wait til midnight for these, but with many weddings going strong well into the early hours it is a nice idea to provide late night snacks for your guests. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea; they may have had a three course meal earlier on but by the time your party is finishing up that could have been hours ago! Serve something easy to eat like bowls of chips or sandwiches.



perfect wedding ideas



17. Practical favours



There is no point in spending money on little trinkets that your guests won’t use, or worse; leave on the table. Cookies that they can eat on the day or personalised mini pots of jam that they can take home are always a good idea.



perfect wedding ideas



18. Photo booth



Another very popular choice for modern weddings- who doesn’t love an excuse to mess around with props in front of a camera? not only that but it will make for some interesting photos for your photo album!



perfect wedding ideas



19. If it’s not your style, skip it!



Some wedding traditions aren’t to everyone’s taste. If you don’t want to throw the bouquet or if you’d rather spend the night before the wedding with your partner then why not! It’s your wedding, you can do whatever makes you happy.



perfect wedding ideas



20. Go out with a bang!



If your guests are still going strong when it’s time for you to leave then reward their stamina by putting on a bit of a show. Fireworks and sparklers are a nice choice if you’re planning to make your exit in the dark but whatever you do, don’t slip away unnoticed- it’s best to go out with a bang than a whimper.



perfect wedding ideas



If you want more tips for your special day, check out our Tips On Having a Fairy-Tale Wedding!

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