15 Ideas for a fairytale Cinderella Wedding

15 Ideas for a fairytale Cinderella Wedding

A wedding fit for a princess. How to transform your big day into a fairytale

Once upon a time there was a bride who wanted to be a princess, she longed to be Cinderella for the day. She dreamt of a fairytale wedding, but she didn't know how she could have one....



Along came Weddy, and her wedding dreams came true.



What better way to begin your happily-ever-after than with a wedding fit for a princess?  If you don’t have a fairy god mother to help you along the way then fear not, because we’ve pulled together 15 ideas for a perfect Cinderella wedding, no bibbidi-bobbidi-boo required.



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1. Venue



Cinderella wedding



A castle fit for a princess. No Cinderella is complete without a ball to go to. Whether you opt for a traditional castle,  manor house or somewhere smaller an understated. As long as you have some lovely scenery to take pictures in it will be perfect. If you have a smaller budget, choosing the right décor can turn anywhere into a fairytale venue.



2. Shoes



cinderella wedding



One of the main parts of the tale is when Cinderella loses her shoe. We're not telling you to lose a shoe at midnight, but we do think you need the perfect heels to pull the Cinders look together. Glass might not be ideal, but a sparkling shoe would look beautiful and fit the theme perfectly.



3. Dress



cinderella wedding



Cinderella's dress is blue in the fairytale, so opting for a traditional gown with a blue tint would be ideal. A dress with a bodice and a large skirt is the usual 'princess' style, however you could also opt for a sleeve or something a little more fitted depending on your preference. As long as you feel like a princess that is all that matters!



4. Prince Charming



cinderella wedding



Your groom can get into the theme as well... without having to wear tights! Whether he chooses a more traditional looks with top hats and tails, or fully embraces the Prince Charming costume, it is completely up to him. You both want to feel comfortable on your big day, and keeping it traditional is certainly a good way to go.



5. Décor



cinderella wedding



The décor is extremely important to make your guests feel as though they are stepping inside a book. There is lots you can do to give a Cinderella feel to your reception, and you can keep it as personal as you like! Seat-covers, table decorations, fairy lights and wall hangings are but-a-few little touches that will transform your venue. Websites like Etsy are great for personalised and themed decorations. Or if you would like to take a DIY approach, Pinterest will give you a tonne of ideas.



6. Wedding Cake



cinderella wedding



If you can't afford a castle, you can still have one if you opt for a castle cake. They look stunning and are a great focal point for your guests. You can create your own perfect princess castle in the form of a delicious cake.



7. First Dance



cinderella wedding



Your first dance should be personal to you and your groom. If you don't want a song from the movie soundtrack, or a piece of classical music, but you still want to be in keeping with the theme, you could perform a dance. Lots of couples are taking dancing lessons before their big day, so it can be a great idea for a bit of fun. You could stick to a traditional style, or if you're really daring... choreograph your own!



8. Carriage



cinderella wedding



Transport fit for a princess. A horse and carriage is extremely elegant and completely perfect for a Cinderella theme. Your guests will be blown away, and as you ride down to your venue, you will truly feel like royalty.



9. Confetti



cinderella wedding



You can buy confetti from most shops now, however if you would like to personalise it, this is a really cost effective option. Above is an idea for you to try and it is a really nice touch for your theme. Print out a few pages with extracts of the book on them and cut them into little hearts. You can make as many as you like and they'll hardly cost you a penny!



10. Wedding Invitations



cinderella wedding



This is your guests first point of contact with your theme, so you want them to be wowed. You don't have to get a man wearing a wig and tights to deliver them door-to-door, however you could have them printed onto a scroll. Beautiful hand writing and a formal invitation are sure to get your guests talking. If you would like more ideas for Cinderella style invites click here.



11. Wedding Favours



Cinderella Inspired Wedding



This is a lovely way to involve your guests in the fairytale. You can go down the DIY route and create something personal yourself, or you can buy some magical gifts - the choice is yours. These jewelled glass slippers make delightful wedding favours for your favourite female guests. Etsy



12. Bouquet



cinderella wedding



A bouquet is a stunning touch to finish off your look. You can match it with your overall colour scheme, or simply choose shades that blend with your dress. As Cinderella wears a blue dress, a blue bouquet with some different tones would be ideal. If you don't want a bouquet, a clutch bag is a great alternative.



13. Hair



cinderella wedding



A beautiful elegant up-do would fit this theme perfectly. You really have the creative choice with this, you can have something technical or something very simple. Our advice would be to find some of your favourite fairytale hairstyles on Pinterest, and take them to your hairdresser for a trial.



14. Masks



cinderella wedding



This is a really fun way to incorporate your theme into your reception. You can ask your guests to bring their own mask, or you could even have a section of the day/evening where you have a mask making competition and give a prize for the best one. It is a great way to get your guests involved and add a little bit of fun to your evening.



15. A happily-ever-after 



No fairytale story is complete without a happily ever after ending. Aah. Etsy



Cinderella Inspired Wedding




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