15 Celebrity Wedding Ideas You Will Want to Steal

15 Celebrity Wedding Ideas You Will Want to Steal

We've made a list of 15 celebrity weddings that you will give you wedding envy!

We love to love them and love to hate them and, when it comes to weddings we love to copy them. Celebrity weddings are a great source of inspiration for style and theme, even if we don't have the budget to match!


From Kate Middleton’s delicate lace dress to Angelina and Brad’s private affair, what are the wedding ideas we just have to steal? Taking a look at the biggest and most memorable celebrity weddings of the decade, we've made our selection of celebrity wedding ideas we think you'll love – let’s see if you agree.


1. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi - Home comforts


celebrity wedding ideas


Known for being one of the most successful talk show hosts in the world, you might of expected Ellen Degeneres to have a lavish ceremony in a huge venue with thousands of guests. Instead, she chose to have her special day marrying the lovely Portia De Rossi in the comfort of their beautiful home. Decorated beautifully and with their closest friends and relatives, they had a ceremony completely fitted to them... and they didn't even have to step foot out the door!


2. Angelina and Brad – Doing it for the kids


celebrity wedding ideas


While some may marry with the hope of having children others, like Angelina and Brad decided to marry at their children’s request. As the wedding we had all been waiting for this celebration was drenched in speculation but when it happened one thing was clear – there were no singing celebrities, no over the top gestures and no cameras, it was a wedding created for and by the children. Angelina went so far as to have her wedding dress designed with their children’s doodle. We love this idea and for those of you who have children, why not ask them what they’d like to see on your wedding day.


3. Kim and Kanye – A sexy dress


celebrity wedding ideas


This used to be seen a slightly taboo, especially if you’re wedding features a religious ceremony but now it’s okay to be sexy, to go your own way and make your wedding dress not only a bold fashion statement but also an innovative and seductive one. Subtly sexy dresses are the new frequent on the wedding runway. Kim Kardashian’s sexy cut-out dress was an incredible hit and we’re certain it’s one wedding touch people will love to steal.


4. Olivia Palermo – Keep it simple


celebrity wedding ideas


There were many things we were expecting from fashion icon Olivia Palermo’s wedding. Known for her chic style and engaging personality Olivia’s wedding could have been a label frenzy and while we were expecting many things a white sweater and Carolina Herrera tulle wasn’t one of them. But that’s exactly what fashion icons do – they go their own way and do the unexpected. Her simple outdoor wedding in sensational casual wear was a touch we’d just love to emulate.


5. Heidi and Seal – I do like to be beside the sea side


celebrity wedding ideas


While their marriage ended memories of Heidi and Seal’s wedding still manage to make hearts melt. It was a beach wedding and one attended only by two friends which adds to the feeling of intimacy that made this wedding so spectacular. Beach weddings are a favourite for those who want to make their wedding a holiday for both their guests and themselves. We think this idea is great, especially for those who stress the small things a little too much.


6. Sean Parker – An enchanted forest


celebrity wedding ideas


This is a wedding touch we can truly not forget and when you see it neither will you. Sean Parker’s forest themed wedding is one of those magical events that will become the ideal for anyone planning their big day. It’s an idea that has not been over-explored or overdone and one that is pretty hard to do badly (that is as long as it didn’t rain). Forest weddings have a dreamy sense that can only truly be achieved in such a unique and magical setting. If you’re up for a design challenge and want something truly unique, this is a great place to start.


7. Mariah and Nick – Elope


celebrity wedding ideas


When we think of eloping we imagine a spur of the moment event at a drive-through chapel where someone you’ve never met marries you while the next couple in line act as your witnesses. But no, no, no –it’s time to get out of the negative Vegas view (though it really does set the elopement tone).


Eloping can be a truly romantic experience that reminds people of what marriage is really about – the two people getting married. This wedding practice is now less Britney and more Nick and Mariah who eloped to an island for their special day. This is a bit out there but if your love is all that matters it’s a great touch that’s not just for celebs.


8. Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley - Festival fun


celebrity wedding ideas


For anyone with a love for the outdoors, music and good vibes, Guy Ritchie's wedding is the go-to event for ideas! With the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Superman himself, Henry Cavill in attendance, his lavish wedding festival is one that will go down in history.


The bride wore a beautiful gown designed by British couture wedding dress designer Phillipa Lepley and a flower headband in her hair to fit the theme. Tents were erected in the couples garden which gave guests the chance to try an ultimate glamping experience.


9. William and Kate - A Royal Wedding


celebrity wedding ideas


You don't have to be Royalty to be able to steal some ideas from William and Kate's big day. Think less about your church service being held at Westminster and your reception being held in a castle, and more about the details.  Kate chose to omit the word "obey" from her vows, telling her husband she would love, honor, comfort and keep him. Ever the modern woman!


The royal couple had not one, not two, but three wedding receptions. A brunch reception, an evening reception and an after party. The partying never stopped! One of the best sources of inspiration you can take from the wedding is Kate's stunning gown. She made sleeves look elegant and breathtaking, and even the likes of Kim K decided to follow in her footsteps.


10. Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault - Masquerade ball 


celebrity wedding ideas


This bride transformed her rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding into a masked ball. Issuing all of her guests with a black and gold mask to bring to their big day, it truly was a Venetian delight. They exchanged their vows in a romantic ceremony in front of 150 family members and friends at the 18th century La Fenice opera house.


11. Posh and Becks- 1999's answer to wedding of the year


Posh Beckham Wedding


When the then Manchester United star David Beckham married Posh Spice, Victoria Adams, it made for the biggest wedding of 1999. With both of them being multi-millionaires, no expense was spared. They married in Dublin at the historical and luxurious holiday retreat of the stars, Luttrellstown Castle where a single dove was released upon their "I do's".


The couple were at the time dubbed as the celebrity couple of the decade, an accolade that has barely changed since with the couple recently celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary- not a bad feat in celeb-land where marriages and relationships change with the wind. They entertained their 500 strong guest list to a £48 per head meal, a fireworks display and an 18 piece orchestra.


12. Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney- Venician 


george and amal


A Venician wedding with a boat cruising through the waters and then floating off to your married life with the sunset as a back drop. Sounds too good to be true right? Well this was the reality for Hollywood silver fox George Clooney and his British fiancee Amal  when they married in sunkissed Venice in September 2014.


A whole flotilla of boats cruised through the Venician waters to the 7 star hotel which held the blessing for the couple who had been dating since 2013. And if that wasn't enough, the newlyweds cruised off in a boat aptly named "amore".


13. Andy Murray and Kim Sears- Hometown wedding


murray and sears


Former Wimbledon Champ and world number 3 tennis player Andy Murray married his long term girlfriend Kim Sears in an intimate affair in his hometown of Dunblane, Scotland. Andy sported a traditional kilt while Kim wore a diamond encrusted number as they had their small ceremony in Dunblane Cathedral amongst family and friends. While fans were waiting outside the Cathedral in what was dubbed 'Scotland's royal wedding', the wedding was only seen by close friends and family- a truly personal marriage.


14.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter- all about privacy


benedict-cumberbatch and sophie hunter


Benedict Cumberbatch married his theatre director partner, Sophie Hunter in the most hush-hush wedding ceremony yet. Rumour has it that only 12 people were at their Isle of Wight wedding and with so much unknown, it lead to much speculation including what Sophie wore on her nuptials.


After rumours buzzing and speculation flying, it was finally revealed by Valentino himself on Twitter that Hunter wore one of his lacy grey designs- the pictures were certainly worth waiting for. It wasn't only the wedding that was less than ordinary, the news of their engagement was made in a small ad in a local newspaper.


15. Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian- Romantic 1920's number


aaron paul wedding


Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul married his long term girlfriend Lauren Parsekian in a 1920's themed wedding in Malibu in 2013 and it was filled to the brim with romance. The pair got engaged in Paris after having met eachother at the Coachella Music Festival years previously.


Their reception was a 1920's masquerade themed ball with Aaron surprising his new wife further by getting all the guests to learn the lyrics to Lauren's favourite song and then getting the man who sung her favourite song, to sing at the reception, reducing her to tears of joy. As if that wasn't romantic enough, he claims he is the luckiest man on the planet, saying "the way she looks at me...she has that magical glow about her".


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