10 Things To Remember As A Bride

Important things that you should try not to forget!

As a Bride-to-be, it seems like you have a million and one things on your mind- you are obviously going to forget something.

Here are 10 things to remember as a bride that you’ll have probably forgotten, or maybe not even thought of!


1. Bring an overnight bag

This is one of the key essentials that most brides forget. Not only that, but they have no idea about what to do with it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest that you carry it down the aisle with you in the place of a bouquet. Pick a member of the bridal party to be in charge of your bag and ask them to deposit it in your bridal suite while you take care of the meet and greet after the ceremony. If you have to be there for check-in don’t panic, most venues will hang on to luggage for you at reception.


2. Decide where you are going to put everything

You’ve spent hours planning on where you are going to put everyone, but what about where you are going to put all of the stuff? Programs, place cards, menus, etc- and the list of wedding paraphernalia just goes on. If a venue staff member is in charge of setting up before your arrival, make sure that you contact them about when you can drop them off, some venues won’t accept anything until the day of the wedding, while others prefer to have them in advance. If you are setting up the venue yourself, pick a helper that can drop off everything and has clear instructions on where to put it.

Here are 5 essential things you mustn't forget for your wedding day!


3. Decorating other areas

Before you get any ideas about putting floral arrangements on the toilets, by ‘other areas’ I am simply referring to rooms like hotel receptions or lobbies. There’s no need to be extravagant, a few flowers, coordinating bows or candles will suffice.


4. Bring the legal documents

There’s no point in getting married if it’s not going to be legal, and you can’t have a legal marriage without the right documents! Signing your marriage certificate is one of the most important parts of your big day! Generally speaking, whoever is conducting your marriage will be in charge of making sure your legal documents are ready, but check in with them a few days before the wedding to give yourself some peace of mind.


5. Confirm bookings

Many firms will already do this for you and call you in advance of the wedding to make sure all systems are go. To be on the safe side make a list of all the suppliers you are using and check in with them a week before the wedding. You’ll need to confirm times and locations whenever you speak to someone so make sure you are prepared- you don’t want to be calling everyone back because you made a mistake. It’s a good idea to give schedules to the bridesmaids and the groomsmen so that everyone knows where they should be at any given time.


6. Gifts for the wedding party

They’ve listen to your endless wedding chatter for months and helped you make all of those life altering decisions, like choosing between baby or powder blue. Don’t you think they deserve a thank you? Be prepared to get something for everyone who has helped you out and played a part, including parents and in-laws. You don’t need to make a big show of it, you can always dole out the presents after the reception when you get a chance.


7. Post wedding plans

I’m not suggesting that you’re about to go completely mad and forget your honeymoon, but you might need to think about what you are doing immediately after the wedding. If you want to continue to party into the wee hours then a room at your venue with the guests is ideal, but if you are heading straight on your honeymoon a better night’s sleep might be in order-  consider spending the night somewhere peaceful.

And for the morning of your wedding itself, here are some do's and don'ts!


8. Receiving gifts

Unless you have a designated gift-deposit area then guests are going to try to offload their gifts on you at any chance they get. Designate a bridesmaid or groomsman (or one of each) to be chief gift-collector. If you do decide on an area of the reception for gifts, make sure it’s clearly marked with a cute sign and some decoration.


9. Bringing everything home

If you are heading away straight from the party then you will have to designate someone to bring everything home from the venue. You won’t want to be taking your gown on holiday with you so make sure you have the appropriate garment bag. If you have floral centrepieces you could always donate them to a local care home, but call them beforehand to let them know you are coming.


10. The day after the night before

You’ll probably still be on an emotional high, but the body is weak and frankly more than a bit hungover. The last thing you’ll want to be worried about is what you are doing the day after. Know if you are heading straight home, visiting family or going away and make transport arrangements in advance, and don’t forget to bring your luggage. Some venues will let you park your car on site before the wedding so you can always have it packed and ready to go, but don’t leave any important documents or valuables in your car (just in case)! Whatever you do, don’t plan your leaving too early as you’ll want to enjoy your first morning together as husband and wife after all.


If you need help keeping on top of things in the build up to you big day, feel free to get in touch with us!

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