10 Things To Do After The Wedding

10 Things To Do After The Wedding

After the wedding is over, you might be left wondering what to do next; when you get back from honeymoon, there will be some things you’ll need to do.

You’ve danced all night, you’ve said goodbye to your guests, and now you and your loved one are faced with what to do after the wedding is over…




After the wedding is over, you’ll find that your surroundings are unusually quiet; you’ll probably look around you and reminisce; yet, there’s an unspoken acknowledgement between the two of you that leaves you wondering: so what happens next?

After the fun is over, there are still a number of things that the newlywed couple will have to do. From etiquette to changing your name, it’s time to start life together as a married couple and though this isn’t as much fun as the wedding itself, responsibilities await!

1. Sending thank you notes

You need to let your guests know that you’re grateful they came to celebrate your day with you by sending them a note of appreciation. However you wish to do this, be it a letter, a visit or a video, let it come from the heart and let your loved ones know how much you appreciated their presence.




2. Clean and preserve your wedding dress

Whatever you plan to do with it, it’s a good idea to clean and preserve both your wedding outfits after the wedding just in case you have plans for them later on.

3. Order your wedding album

Of course you’ll want something you can remember and cherish always, so making sure you pick your favourite pictures and getting the physical photos will ensure you will have your own sweet little family heirloom.




4. Change your name

If you’re planning to change your name to that of your spouse’s make sure you do this as soon as possible. Make a list of everything you’ll need to change e.g. driver’s license, passport (Facebook profile!) and gradually cross of the ones you’ve completed.

5. Return any items you didn’t use

That giant glitter ball you were so sure you would be using can go back now—a provided you still have the receipt! Of course if you don’t you can always donate anything you didn’t use rather than just throwing them away.


6. Show your vendors some love

Let the venue, your caterers and anyone else who added a special touch to your day know that they did a good job. If they have a website that offers a chance to review their services then do so or pay them a visit if possible after the wedding.

7. Find your wedding décor a new home

Sprinkling glitter on a mason jar or making hanging paper lanterns might have made more sense in the run up to your wedding, but now that’s all over, they may be lying around the house miserably. Why not find a new use for them, give them away or sell them on to other couples wanting to get married or donate, donate, donate!




8. Financial talk

Many couples want to merge their finances so they can start married life together making plans for the future; this is a talk every couple must have so make sure you do as soon as you can.

9. Save your cake

Whatever you had as the centrepiece of the wedding, if you wish to, you should preserve your cake as well as any other food items you want to keep.




10. Go out and plan something fun

It is to be expected that you may, at some point, suffer from post-wedding blues. Of course this is normal and only a natural reaction to months and months of planning. But after the wedding is over, you need to rediscover yourself. Go out with friends, go away for a weekend or do something different with your spouse every day until you have to return to normalcy. Not only is this a great way to take time out and have some fun, but also to keep your mind healthy and relaxed.

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