10 Things About Life and Love That We Forget

Things you have always thought about but never took into account before…

Love makes such a big component of our life that sometimes it’s almost impossible to stop and think about how empty we would feel without it.


  • Life is too short to be unhappy


  • It takes very little to make a good day turn bad and vice-versa


  • When you think it’s all over, look closer. You may realize it hasn’t started yet.


facts about life and love


  • Hope is literally always the last to die. If you feel like hope is gone, try and organize a seance session to get it back.


  • Keep moving on. When you feel the need to stop, look for motivation elsewhere.


  • Don’t keep looking in the same place over and over again. If that place disappointed you once, it will keep disappointing you. If that place made you happy once, there is no certainty that it will continue to make you happy in the future.


facts about life and love


  • Love is rare. If it were not, there is no way it would be that beautiful. Love is not always forever, but memories are.


  • If you love someone, you should always tell them. If you love someone in vain, you should still always tell them.


  • If you have a dream, you should find the courage to follow it. No dream comes true without bravery.


facts about love and life


And finally….


  • Do not ever forget to be yourself. In good and tough times, remember to count on you. You will be amazed by the things you can do with the only power of your will.


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