10 Sizzling Ways to Spicen up your honeymoon sex

Transgress your own sexual boundaries for perfect honeymoon sex!

They always say your honeymoon should be all about the sex, and not just any old sex. After several stressful months of wedding planning, you sure as hell deserve to have your blissful break of passion, excitement, and sexual intrigue.


It’s the chance to try everything you ever wanted to try in the bedroom, to break sexual taboos and to live out your favourite sexual fantasies.


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Excited yet?  You lucky newlyweds have a whale of a time ahead of you, and we’re here to get you in the mood with our short list of sizzling ways to spicen up your honeymoon sex:


Make A Wish List


Before you leave for your honeymoon, why don't you both write a secret wish-list of things you would love to try.  You can exchange lists with your partners, and open them up for a first night full of fun and surprises!


honeymoon night




After months of  planning , stress and finally a fabulous wedding, rest may be high on your to-do list. Snuggle up together, recharge, relax...and refill those batteries ready to break the bed.


honeymoon night


Take it Elsewhere


Why keep your passion to the bedroom? Take it to the bathroom, the desk, the floor and if you’re feeling especially adventurous spend a night by the sea for some good old sex on the beach.


honeymoon night


Sexy Lingerie


This goes without saying. Make sure you pack some new sexy lingerie for your partner to unwrap and make sure they do the same.  Crotch-less anyone?


honeymoon night


Dirty Talk


Send each other naughty notes and teasing texts throughout your day, building up sexual tension that will be fit to break by the time the sun goes down.


honeymoon night




Why wait until the bedroom, start with some discrete teasing early on in the day to build the tension. In the evening, why not use the champagne for more than just drinking?


honeymoon night


Sex Toys


There’s never a better time to bring out the playthings than on your honeymoon. Be adventurous and use things you’d never have dreamt of for sex sessions that will be out of this world. Why not try a full bondage kit such as this one?


honeymoon night


Role Play


Everyone’s got a secret fantasy. Maybe the idea of you as a sexy nurse secretly makes him weak at the knees, maybe you want to go a little "50 Shades". Your honeymoon is no time for secrets. Find out each other's wildest sexual fantasy and put your acting skills into good practice.


honeymoon night


Kama Sutra


This is something we’ve all been itching to try. So what are you waiting for? Buy the book and get practicing. Make it into a game; flick through and try whatever position you land - however weird or wonderful it looks.


honeymoon night


It's Not All About The Sex


Sex is important on your honeymoon night, but remember its not all about the sex. Make sure you keep things fresh during the day with some activities for fun and relaxation, and don't forget, you have your whole life in front of you!


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