10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Florist

You can find your perfect florist if you know the right questions to ask.

Finding the perfect florist isn’t as tricky as you might think, provided you know what questions you should be asking.If you’ve been mentally planning your wedding for years; even before you actually get engaged, then you’ll probably have some ideas in mind when it comes to your wedding flowers. Floral arrangements can really help to put your own personal stamp on the day, and showcase your creative flair.


Wedding Florists


1. Can you work within my budget?


There’s no point tip-toeing around this one, either they can work with your budget or they can’t. If they can’t then there is no point in wasting your time and getting your hopes up. If they can work to your budget then get comfortable…


2. What is your style?


Not your style. Obviously. The florist’s style. If they specialise in grandiose post-modern pieces interspersed with copper-tubing (no I’m not sure how that works either), and you prefer something traditional, then they probably aren’t the right florist for you. Ask to see some photos of previous work so you have an idea of what they’re about.


3.When we’ve chosen a design, will you make up some samples?


Designs can look great in your mind, or even on paper but sometimes they just don’t work when it comes down to it. Seeing a mock-up of your design will give you a better idea about how the finished product will look and you’ll be able to see if you need to make any changes.


4. Are my flowers in season?


Choosing in-season flowers will make your budget stretch further- they are easier to source and look at their best during the right time of year. Out of season flowers will be pricier as they will be more difficult to find.


5. Will you be able to visit my venue?


Having your florist visit the venue is not strictly necessary but it will give them an idea of what styles and colours will work best. Seeing the space that you have to work with may change the way they style your flowers; giving you a much nicer end result.


6. Can you source props?


Be it giant teapots, glass vases or copper tubing (let’s just go with it), see if your florist will provide these to display your flowers in or will you be responsible for sourcing your vessels.


7. Can you work within my time-frame?


In order to plan properly you need to know how long everything is going to take. Get a schedule from your florist so that you know everything will be done on time and the flowers will be looking their best.


wedding florists


8. Please can you label everything?


Labelling bouquets and displays will lessen the confusion when your flowers arrive. Everyone will know who is supposed to be carrying what and which arrangements are going where.


9.Does price include delivery?


Always know what you’re paying for an how much before you sign anything. Most florists will be happy to deliver to your venue but they may charge a delivery fee for the service.


10. Can I reuse my flowers?


If you intend on moving your flowers from one venue to another to save on costs, your florist will have to make sure that your arrangements are robust enough to handle the extra travel. It is always best to ask them in advance so that they can tweak their designs accordingly.


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