10 High Street Could-Be Wedding Dresses For Under £250

Having visited many a bridal shop, it amazes me how the modern bride is expected to fork out an average of £1400 for their dream wedding dress - only to never wear it again.

Now, I know this is an inevitability that many brides-to-be acknowledge and accept. However, before making one of the biggest temporary purchases of your life, consider this: is it really necessary? After all, perhaps your dream wedding dress is patiently waiting for you in your favourite high street store, wearing a price tag of a mere £200.


You may call me crazy, but this season is showcasing a gorgeous array of could-be wedding dresses, short and long, and I see this trend as a great opportunity for you to hit the high street when starting your search for the perfect wedding dress. You may be on a tight budget, or perhaps you’re looking for a subtle deviation from the traditional bridal gown. Either way, you have nothing to lose, and you may even save yourself a small fortune.


To get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of the most beautiful and unique high street could-be wedding dresses that prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million dollars on your wedding day:


1) Monsoon: £249


Inspired by the 1920s, this stunning lace dress is a great high-street option for a bride planning a glamourous wedding with a fun and flirty twist. The shorter hemline shows a little bit of leg, yet oozes class and sophistication with longer sleeves and beaded tassels.


wedding dresses


2) Coast: £250


This simple white dress is a timeless classic. Although not your traditional floor-sweeping gown, this dress is ideal for a more casual yet conventional wedding.


wedding dresses


3) Debenhams: £150


Are you looking for an affordable dress to fit a fancy ornate wedding theme? Look no further, as you've struck gold with this elaborately detailed strapless gown.


wedding dresses


4) Lipsy: £65


This lace beauty is too divine to be only worn once. Figure hugging and classy, and at the humble price of £65, this bridal bargain will have everyone asking you where the hell you found it. You can thank us later.


wedding dresses


5) Phase Eight: £225


This dramatic full length gown doesn't quite resemble your traditional ivory wedding dress. But who cares? Embroidered and embellished to perfection, this dress can be re-worn for many formal occasions - so grab it before we do.


wedding dresses


6) Coast: £180


Elegant and flattering, this maxi gown is perfect for a bride wanting a more traditional bridal look - for less.


wedding dresses

7) Zara: £79.99


My personal favourite, this stylish piece is perfect for the fashionista bride who doesn't want to conform on her wedding day. With a vintage look of embroidery anglaise, this dress is enough to tempt any lucky lady looking for an affordable high-street alternative to a pricey wedding dress.


wedding dresses


8) Asos £75.00


Let your personality shine through with this fun skater dress. With floral applique detailing, this feminine wonder will look beautiful worn at a summer or spring wedding.


wedding dresses


9) Asos £65.00

This backless mid-length dress would make Marilyn Monroe proud. Inspired by the 1960s, its iconic shape and playful skirt will add a fun and flirty feel to your bridal look.


wedding dresses


10) John Lewis: £29.99


Yes, you read that right. Amazingly affordable, graceful and simplistic, if you're the kind of bride who craves a basic but beautiful wedding dress, then this is the gown for you.


wedding dresses

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